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Swamped for the 3rd week in a row with frustrating work making me treasure bashing more concrete and I've been dying to update with some house & garden progress, but no time yet to type enough to do that justice with for now just a couple tidbits:

* Tomorrow the NASDAQ bell will be rung by not only the EQIX executive team but some co-workers of mine who were voted by their peers to represent the company...very cool idea for the peer recognition, and those who got the free trip to NYC definitely deserved it!

UPDATE: Pics of the bellringing are here! In the big group photo, my team member Mylene on the left end in the white jacket got to tag along with her sister Maricar who is just in front of her. Maricar was definitely deserving of the peer recognition. :)

* I was told by co-workers today that they think I look like Izzy aka "Dr Model" from Grey's Anatomy. I'm going to finally try to watch the Monday night finale so I don't know how things ended yet, but as long as I only look like her, not how she overreacted on Sunday night's episode, I'll consider it a very nice compliment, a la looking like Phoebe from Friends but not acting like her... ;)

* I might not be able to last all summer with no AC...Sunday night was almost too hot to sleep even with my fan running all night and wet hair...tempting since I already have central heat so it's a matter of just adding an AC unit somewhere to use the existing ducts...maybe I could sell some stock options to finance a more comfortable summer?

Off to try prying more living room paneling while catching up on Tivo...
Tags: grey's anatomy, hot, nasdaq

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