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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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The Da Vinci Code
australia, ocean
Just got back from seeing the movie which was entertaining...I have not yet read the book, so I figured might as well see the movie first, since often reading the book before the movie is just disappointing, so this way I can enjoy both. :) A few plot "twists" seemed too predictable IMO, which could perhaps be how it was filmed with setups and all, but some of the puzzles/clues were clever, so that was fun. I haven't specifically avoided reading the book, but when everyone else I knew was reading it a couple years ago, it was still in hardback & I didn't relish hefting that around. I do read hardbacks but either borrowed copies or really worth it (Harry Potter, etc). I know it's in paperback now but it's just been a matter of lack of effort & time. One of these days I'll get around to it, since I am curious how many clues & locations were left out, if at all, and I'm definitely one who enjoys such puzzles. Subscription to GAMES magazine for how many years way back when? Made my own anagrams by hand for party puzzles? heh...

Maybe it's a Lutheran thing, but in my confirmation classes part of the point of Christ is that Jesus was all human and all divine at the same time...so if Jesus and Mary Magdalene did have a child, how would that diminish his divinity? I do get how the patriarchal early Christian Church might have been threatened by the concept as a power issue, but theologically I don't see the big deal...of course I also think it can easily be possible that God set off the Big Bang and evolution has continued as part of God's plan, and that no human alive has all the answers to these questions, so there's no point in fighting over who is "right."

At least even though I haven't been there since once in November 1997, I recognized the galleries inside the Louvre as soon as the movie started...yay me! :P haha...

Now, how much spackling can I get done before sleeping tonight?

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Google (house) broken

Is this just me:

Your search for Brittahytta around this map area did not match any locations.

robert (cheapassbastards.blogspot.com)

Protons have mass?
I didn't even know they were Catholic.

Re: Google (house) broken

Nah, that's me not taking full advantage of the LJ location feature...if I put in a real location it'll map it, but otherwise no...not sure if I can actually set Brittahytta with the address location inside LJ but I might try...but I kind of like being Unplottable... ;)

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