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Breaking & Bettering Brittahytta

Way too much remodeling progress to update, so fair warning! I have been relieving my work & personal stress these past few weeks by destroying various things around my house & garden. The sledgehammer work Cyd & I started then continued the following Sunday has continued various evenings by myself until too dark to see, then last Tuesday after a good hour or two of concrete work, I decided to rip off the fake wood paneling in my living room only to find real wood paneling behind it - doh! I realize it was wood painted barf pink, but who would cover real wood with fake? *shrug* Obviously someone with a sense of humor! ;) That cracked me up! Since I want the entire living room the stone wall effect created from spackle texture & handpainted shading, I'm still spackling over the wood, which is a challenge in those deep beveled grooves between the planks. I did try prying off the real wood planks, but I'm too nervous that since there is no drywall behind the planks and it's my dishwasher, sink & electrical behind there, I'd rather not risk any possible damage sticking the prybar where I can't see.

This past weekend between the memorization party Friday night & dinner & Da Vinci Code Saturday night, I prepped & spackled my master bathroom on Saturday, including taking down the light fixture, removing the medicine cabinet, removing the mirror doors from the cabinet, sanding & painting it with white Killz mildew-resistant primer, then I also prepped the larger mirror I got that will go on the existing cabinet. The trick is finding a large enough mirror that isn't too heavy for a cabinet door. This means a plastic resin frame, not hardwood, but I finally found one the right size! Still looking for the right size for the hall bathroom. Since the mirror backing was only cardboard, I cut a piece of fiberboard to fit & stapled it into the frame. Sunday was my last free day with the family truck before it goes back to Sac this weekend, so I drove in the drizzle to Home Depot for baseboard, new planks for my garden bench, more spackle, etc, then got back & painted my bathroom...what color? Wait for it...aqua! Did I fool you? ;) Not even I am so crazy as to paint the walls of a tiny room vivid teal, but this aqua goes very nicely with my teal towels & accessories, plus it is pale enough it won't give an odd color cast to my face for putting on makeup, etc. :)

Today was a crappy day...I still can't get my real job done because this testing is still not over even though we're not stuck in the room together, which actually makes it more difficult to test, and I was already frustrated by other personal things too, but to top it off in the afternoon, I heard sad & frustrating news from a good friend and there's no way I can really help him. I really slammed some concrete this evening, getting another 2 linear feet out of the walkway, then after painting the back of the new mirror door & drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws, I decided to finally tackle tearing down my front porch wall.

When I first saw the house back in October, I thought this porch wall was weird, since that means I have no good window looking out the front of my house, plus I can't see the front door from the street & vice versa. I already wanted to try taking it out, then the termite inspection wasn't very detailed in what they were repairing after fumigation, so I came back to move in with fresh unpainted wood on the front of my house, when if I knew that's what they were doing, I'd have told them not to bother! *sigh* Instead of painting it, I wanted to try ripping it apart, but it's taken 5 months to get started. Now I'm glad I didn't try earlier, since Cyd's prybar might as well be a magic wand! I love that thing! The funniest part is that the friend of my neighbor who watched me the entire time it took an hour to mow my front lawn was outside tonight with her husband while he was smoking, and they watched me the entire time I was prying my wall down! In her strong accent, she kept marveling "you're so strong!"...then commenting how she liked how the wall made my house look bigger from the front, apologizing that her husband had heart surgery so couldn't help me, & telling me to be careful. I kept joking that watching me with the prybar must be better than what's on TV tonight...but I could tell towards the end, they wanted to see if I could finish those first boards to actually see through the structure, and they did! Very funny...

Last but not least, I cracked up when I got the first sheet of plywood off the porch find aqua paint behind! hahaha...I wouldn't be surprised if that was the original house color, since it is quite a 50s mint shade...there must be something creative I can do with it, let alone the other scrap wood...and no, the irony of the original paint color being so close to the aqua I just painted my bathroom did not escape me! ;)

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