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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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taking a break...
australia, ocean
Whew, it's hot outside! But I feel accomplished since it's only 3:30 on Saturday and I have done the following:

  • checked on my growing produce (hooray!): 7 baby ears of corn, ~20 ripening tomatoes, ~20 green tomatoes, 2 large pumpkins already turning orange, 3 baby pumpkins starting, Concord grapes starting to turn purple, 2 tiny bell peppers, and 1 tiny Anahiem chili pepper...I have no idea about the potatoes, since I don't know when I'm supposed to try harvesting them! ;)
  • eaten a homemade frozen waffle with freshly-picked blackberries from my yard - Yum! :-9
  • gone to the Cupertino post office to mail two custom-made Hogwarts sealing wax stamps to an online customer (prepaid via PayPal - learned my lesson before the hard way)
  • vacuumed the Miata
  • washed the Miata, including Armor All on the soft-top
  • washed the Honda
  • washed Melanie's CRV since she's flying back from the UK tomorrow - makes me glad I own small cars!
  • (dried all the cars w/ a chamois, mind you! Murder on the shoulders!)

Since my shoulders were killing me after all the car washing, I allowed myself to lay in the sun in my swimsuit for about 10 minutes a side (see, trying to get rid of gardening tan lines, like the really bad shorts lines!)...not enough breeze so I'm still trying to cool down...

Last night I started importing tape #13, but I kept getting antsy again, so I got inspired to arrange all the flyers, posters and odd-assorted paraphenalia I saved from tour on my coffeetable for the special features background menu image...see, I have grand plans for this tour DVD, and from reading the first 100 pages of the DVD Studio Pro Manual now that I have it, I see now how to make easter eggs (hidden menu items - can't be done in iDVD), so my brain started cranking on what to do for which hidden extras...I think it'll turn out pretty cool as long as my plans work out... :)

Off to take a shower, go to Trader Joe's, then my new next-door neighbors are having a BBQ and have invited me, so I'm stopping by there on my way to my former next-door neighbors' new house for dinner...should be fun...and they have a hot tub at their new house, so after today's work on the cars, I think I will bring my suit and indulge as they offered!

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I'm looking forward to the Trader Joes that will be opening up within half a mile from my home. :-)

Have a fine evening soiree-hopping. :-)

Oh, yes, having Trader Joe's so close is wonderful! Lucky you to have one opening walking distance...mine is across the freeway from me...

Sounds like you're having a good Saturday yourself... :)

Dig up a couple of your potatoes....the tops should be dying?....If the skins are really thin and you can rub them off really easy, you need to wait 1-2 more weeks...wait one week and check again, etc.
Sounds like you had a busy day. Would you mind hopping down to Tennessee and washing my Jeep. Sounds like your experienced with a chamois cloth ;0).

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