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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Happy Kylieversary!
australia, ocean
10 years ago this weekend was when my roommate found a black cat with green eyes meowing loudly & hiding from the rain in the parking lot near our apartment in Sacramento. My pet rat Gypsy had died a few months before, and my roommate knew I wanted a black cat with green eyes, so we both went back, armed with towels & deli meat in the drizzle. I coaxed her out from some bushes, picked her up in the towel & carried her across the street back to the apartment, getting gouged on my neck in the process - she still doesn't like being held! She had no tags or collar & we never saw any lost cat signs around the area. She tried sleeping on top of my head that first night - the only time she's ever done that. She did have to stay at my parents' house for a year while I lived in San Jose & then in the UK, but otherwise, Kylie the Kitty has been my longest live-in relationship. ;)

I refuse to believe that she could be 12 or 13, or even 15, since she is still plenty spritely as she tears around the house, getting into everything just on principle. I call her Entropy Embodied, since that seems to be her calling...knocking down orderly piles of CDs, pulling books off bookshelves, tearing any & all paper to shreds, just because. She still talks more than any cat I've ever met, but I still don't speak Cat fluently...you think I'd have caught on by now!

Kylie does have her own web page that is sadly out of date, so here are some more recent photos of her behind the link. No gray hairs yet, except for her one white whisker she has always had... :)

Halloween 2003 - Perfect Halloween Accessory Eating Grass in the Graveyard

Christmas 2003 - Who is this guy with the beard? Get me outta here!

Kylie in the garden at Lockwood - 2004

Halloween 2004 - How could you make me wear this?!?

Christmas 2004 - You know I don't like being held - I'd much rather try eating the tree!

Kylie in her Cave of Covers - 2005

Corncob-Killer Kylie - 2005

Halloween 2005 - The latest fashion rage - Velvet Spider Tutu!

Halloween 2005 - Not stupid costumes again... *sigh*

Christmas 2005 - First my annual shots, then this weird guy in red & white - can't we just go home?

Kylie in the garden at Brittahytta

Content in front of the fire at Brittahytta

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Awww, Happy Anniversary!

Longest live-in relationship. *snort*

Hmmm...Ditto for my cats.

awwwwww! what a little doll! i love the poor, suffering, put-upon look in her hallowe'en 2004 photo! LOL! and that cave of covers sure looks comfy ...


aww, she is definately cute!..Kylie definately has her own personality!

I have always grown up with dogs around rather than cats...-but I have always loved cats, they seem like such great companions.

HAPPY KYLIEVERSARY!.. does she get cake and ice cream?

Have a great week Britta!


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