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Making a Gnome Door

I was in Roseville this past weekend because it was my mom's birthday. My mom has always loved gnomes, so a friend had shown me a bunch for sale on eBay, but I waited too long to get one in time, plus I wasn't sure I liked any of those quite enough. So with only 9 days left before my mom's birthday, I decided I would make one for her instead.

Gnome door "raw" supplies

I decided I might as well make a gnome door for myself as long as I was making one. That's the bonus that mine can be practice to refine technique before the gift door. ;) Pictured are the supplies, all as purchased from D&J Hobby store - basswood plaques, metal findings for door knockers, and dollhouse furniture legs for door handles. Total cost, about $10.

I cut the basswood plaques with my hacksaw in my miter box to more of a door shape. After sanding the cut edge, I got out my woodburning tool - first time it's been used for burning wood! It's only been used for styrofoam gravestones before! ;) I used a weird-looking diamond shape fitting with grooves in it to make the extra woodgrain texture, but I used the normal point for the plank lines.

Both gnome doors in process: Note the extra woodgrain texture on the left door

After woodburning the texture on both doors, I looked at the wood stain & varnish I had in my stock in the garage. My mom prefers lighter woods, so there was a "honey pine" that was a combo stain/varnish, and a mahogany stain-only for my door. I stained mine first, thinking I would leave it without varnish, so I added the knocker already. However, when I was finished with the varnish on my mom's door, I decided I'd rather have that on mine as well, so I had to prop the knocker so it wouldn't fall in the wet varnish.

Both gnome doors in process

Since they were dollhouse furniture legs, they weren't meant to sit flat on a door, so I trimmed a flat spot on the back of the top of the leg for the glue to sit well. I first used the mahogany stain for both door handles, but I decided my handle wasn't dark enough compared to the door color, so I used a black Sharpie pen so the handle matched the knocker. After the coat of varnish on each handle was completely dry, I used epoxy glue to attach the handles to the doors. At the very end, the knocker was attached to my mom's door. The epoxy glue was still setting on my drive up last Thursday night. ;)

Finished gnome doors!

Last but not least, my mom the happy birthday recipient of her brand-new homemade gnome door! :)
Tags: crafts, gifts, gnomes

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