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The First Task is already filmed! (Goblet of Fire)

If I had still been in London last week, I would have gone to Ashridge when TLC scooped last week that there was location filming going on...the Portkey scene going to the World Quidditch Cup...pix of that at the link below are okay (MuggleNet supposedly has better pix of the same), but the TLC fan who got the pix also got a copy of the schooting script used last week to film the First Triwizard Task...I can just picture Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter on those lines (yes, spoilers vs. the book abound, but getting 800 pgs to 2.5 hrs you knew there were going to be serious changes!), and this scene reads like it will be excellent! :D

I've been having doubts about the GoF movie, mainly because of the hideous time constraints plus choice of director now that we've been spoiled by the excellent & quirky Alfonso Cuaron, but this gets me back to a more optimistic mood... :)


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