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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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ready for the weekend
australia, ocean
I think I've done pretty well this week for getting projects done. I'm definitely ready for the weekend, but too bad I can't relax since I have two full days of choir rehearsal. Well, how much relaxing would I have done anyway? We all know I would have just been killing myself doing more projects... ;)

So, here's the progress for this week:

Tuesday evening
  • assembled & installed medicine cabinet in wall, including caulking around all edges & screwing cabinet firmly to studs (wish the "screw, firm & studs" were in a more titillating context - darn! ;)
  • put existing light back up for now, resting on medicine cabinet so as not to ruin my new paint
  • mowed both lawns (almost waited too long again!) - racing the fading daylight!
  • tore out the rest of the front porch wall - leaving enough for strips to be evenly spaced with rest of the wall
  • added the magnet closure to the mirror medicine cabinet - required epoxy glue for the metal plate vs. screw
  • took my first shower in my pretty new aqua bathroom! :)

    Porch wall completely torn out!

    Wednesday evening
  • cut better hole in hall bathroom (repairing previous water damage)
  • cut new drywall to fit hole - took forEVer since it goes around the weird edge of the bathtub
  • bleach all around hole, anywhere for mold
  • bleach all crevices in both showers
  • touched up paint in aqua bathroom, including caulking
  • refilled master medicine cabinet (after magnet closure was epoxy-glued & dry)
  • cleaned up the master bathroom enough to arrange accessories for a photo

    Hall bathroom previous water damage hole ready for patching

    Thursday evening
  • pounded out nails from usable porch pieces
  • used jigsaw to cut plywood to new size
  • nailed plywood up (a bit of a challenge to prop it up without another pair of hands, but I did it!)
  • nailed strips up
  • trimmed bottom strip with hacksaw (too thin for jigsaw) & nailed in place
  • caulked all gaps in wood trim (original was mostly caulked, just bottom strip)
  • doused front porch wall & hall bathroom with ant spray :P

    Porch wall redone, caulked & ready for painting!

    Friday evening
  • bought new master bathroom light fixture at LampsPlus at lunch
    fixture was too dark vs. new mirror, so lightly rubbed gold acrylic paint to match mirror
  • installed master bath light fixture - racing the fading daylight!
  • painted master bath picture frame gold (I had splurged on a more expensive frame since it matched the mirror so closely, but was a little too silver)
  • patched hall bath wall

    Final touch for now - new master bathroom light fixture!

    I'm still not sure if I'll put the cheap white cabinet back in my bathroom over my toilet, since it would give me more room for more teal accessories, but it'll cover up my pretty aqua wall...plus I think I will put a towel bar back under the window but I need to find one I like...then someday a new vanity, maybe even a coat of paint on the current one, and I need to get the enlargement of the Caribbean Sea at Grand Cayman photo I took in March to go in the matching frame...but even with all that, I think the master bathroom is finished enough for a before & after comparison:

    Master Bathroom Before

    Master Bathroom Now

    ...and now I think I deserve a mojito with freshly picked mint from my garden! :)

    Have a good weekend everyone!