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running the gamut

Monday was a stressful work day with my team getting the executive team presentation part deux (part one was the big thing I was doing & sending from the ship on the cruise back in March) ready for the next day (the front page included the HEED THE OMEN logo - heh), making me feel horrible again that my product is strategic, not able to stand alone on its own revenue, ending in my boss's boss deciding my boss should present my product vs. me being "thrown to the wolves"...which made me feel even worse about it all. I have a great team, though, since they could tell by my offhand snarky sarcastic comments I was really down on my product, so they tried their best to give me defensive ammo how they're behind me and being strategic is also important in the grand scheme. That was very nice of them...

As I was breaking away from the presentation rehearsal since I was already late to get to choir rehearsal, I got a call from another choir member who's car wouldn't start, so I was able to give her a ride, making it there only 10 minutes late! Rehearsal went very well...we ran the whole show with all the choreography, including what we just learned this weekend, and I was so thankfully in such a better mood by the time I got home. I've been having so many bad Monday nights the past couple years, where I've left so drained I've wondered why I'm still in choir, that having a night like this is very reassuring to me.

Mileage on the Briata was 106661 as I left for work on 6-6-06...I laughed when I looked down & saw that on my odometer!

Monday evening I was informed a friend's father passed away while seeming to recuperate well from heart surgery...very sad...then Tuesday morning I got photos of a friend's brand-new baby, including the cutest photos of 3-yr-old big brother holding little baby brother...Our big show "One is the All" is all about the cycle of it cheesy that I thought of that, Lion-King-style?

Tuesday afternoon in 3 hours we didn't even get to my section of the big presentation anyway...again...there will not be a third installment presentation, so we're done. No wolf attacks since they never even saw the content I worked so hard on...c'est la vie, and today back to testing hell all day every day for another couple weeks...I went home wondering if I would hear if the international Internet geeks ever decided what to do for the evening. I had already told a couple of them via chat that I'd really like to see them while they're in town for the NANOG conference, but I'm not so sad as to drive over to hang out at the Hilton just in case something ended up happening. ;)

By 7:30, I finally got a call from the geeks where they were going to be, so I headed to Dave & Busters for social networking, air hockey, shooting gallery (I'm still REALLY good at aiming a fake rifle - who knew?). As we were deciding where to head next around 11:30, one of the D&B staff piped up that Hwy 880 was closing at midnight for construction, so we hightailed it over to the downtown Hilton where they were all staying. The hotel bar closed about 5 minutes after we got there, so they decided to head over to the Britannia Arms "pub" for kararoke. During the evening, two lucky non-Californians got top-down rides in the Briata! ;) There were other geeks already there at the pub who I was glad to see, I was asked to sing "Summer Nights" from Grease with one guy (hey, I even remembered Sandy's upper harmony!), then another girl & I sang "Would I Lie to You?" channeling my best Annie Lennox. The bartender complimented me on my voice and "It's nice to hear someone up there once in awhile who can really sing."

Testing at work is still mentally draining, but infinitely better results today than the attempts last week that resulted in the week reprieve, and the drawback of really yummy free lunch food while we're trapped in there during lunch is not helping my dieting attempts. At least I haven't gained during all this, but I unfortuntely don't look any better in that bathing suit I bought for inspiration...maybe by the end of the summer? *sigh*

Stay tuned for more house progress later in the week I hope...I did acquire the light fixture for the hall bathroom today, so even though I still need a mirror for that cabinet, I am now incented to spackle & paint that bathroom, now that the big water damage hole has been patched...


gam·ut n.

1. A complete range or extent: a face that expressed a gamut of emotions, from rage to peaceful contentment.
2. Music. The entire series of recognized notes.

[Middle English, the musical scale, from Medieval Latin gamma ut, low G : gamma, lowest note of the medieval scale (from Greek, gamma. See gamma) + ut, first note of the lowest hexachord (after ut, first word in a Latin hymn to Saint John the Baptist, the initial syllables of successive lines of which were sung to the notes of an ascending scale CDEFGA: Utqueant laxis resonare fibris Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Iohannes).]
Tags: choir, day to day, fun, house

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