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Harry Potter Crafts on The Leaky Cauldron
It seems The Leaky Cauldron has a new section for Harry Potter Crafts, and several of my PotterParties.com entries are used in the Food and Potter Parties sections. Josee actually asked for my YM several months ago, but no one ever asked me for any of my party crafts to be included. Oh well...I can't read the real TLC on my Mac anymore anyway since their AJAX redesign, since anything I click on crashes my browsers, which has disappointed me that they'd shut people out like that. :( Needless to say, I've stopped reading anything on Leaky except the RSS feed on my LJ Friends list. To find out where I appeared in the new section I had to wait to use my work computer. I'm personally getting the feeling like I did with Trek conventions...that it's grown past the cool stage into so huge it's not as fun anymore. *sigh*

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*sigh* *HUG* You're not the only one--I can't believe PP was a year ago, all the changes. My understanding is that it was basically canabalized for this new version, we'll see who's still around for Book 7. *sigh* You're stuff is awesome and deserves to be seen--I know how much work you put into those sections on PP. Maybe this will mean that more people see it, oh well.

Another one for good measure--*HUG*

Thanks Kim! Glad I'm not the only one. I'm a little surprised I wasn't even sent an email "Hey, we're using your PotterParties stuff in a new project" but I'm not letting it bother me too much. One of these days I'll get my own Year 5 & Year 6 party webpages online, and by then I'll have Google AdSense running, plus I plan to put up my Chocolate Frog boxes & templates, Bertie Botts boxes, Owl Scroll envelope, Marauders' Map, etc, as shareware downloads...see how honest people are to throw me something via PayPal for using my artistic hard work. If I could sell them outright I would, but if I tried that I'm sure Bloomsbury & WB would bust me right quick. ;)

I'm so sorry! I e-mailed every single person for the crafts section, but I had just been told to "transfer the PP stuff" to the Leaky site... If I would have known, I would definetly have asked for permission Britta... Just like I did for everyone else. :(

No, don't worry, Josee, I'm not mad at you. :) I would have said yes anyway to those things of mine being included, and since it was on PotterParties already and I had already given that permission, there's nothing wrong with doing that. I was just surprised that since my PP stuff was being included that I wasn't just given a heads up or asked about other content I could provide, especially since I knew you guys know how to contact me. There are more crafty things that are already on my own Hogwarts party pages that could have easily been included if I'd been asked, but it's no big deal. I also know there's been talk for awhile about how to reuse all the PotterParties work where there aren't active parties so that's fine. I'm glad you got the chance to work on a project for TLC. There is a lot of other great stuff on there that you've collected, like the knitting & other crafty stuff unrelated to parties I'm sure crafty fans will enjoy a lot. :)

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