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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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productive weekend!
australia, ocean
This was a very productive weekend for house work and even socializing! Friday night I was able to leave work in time to rush by home for mojito fixings & chips, then off to the "drinkorization" party at Robin's house. We ran the whole show choreography in her backyard with only 9 of us, but we did it! During War Song her neighbor to the back on her upper story steps looked rather scared of us, but we hope we rejuventated her with Musica Animam Tangens, which sounded damn good with so few of us ringing full-voice into the open air!


Spackling & spartying...

I got home from Robin's in time to do some prep work on the hall bathroom. I removed hardware, cleaned the walls & started spackling, then decided I should really take down the medicine cabinet. There was obviously a previous cabinet that was smaller, but when they installed this larger one, the slackers just slapped it on top of the drywall, not even caulking it in like the other one...no wonder I had such a problem with ants in that bathroom! So, instead of getting the rest of the spackling done, I was cutting drywall with a utility knife as quietly as possible since Melanie was sleeping in the other room. By 3am I was in bed, knowing I still had almost all the spackling ahead of me the next day.

I got started around 10am Saturday, taped everything off in the bathroom, got the back lawn mowed & the patio stuff moved out as a break from spackling since my shoulder starts hurting, then was almost finished with spackling in the evening when I got a call from Ben that J&J were going to have an impromptu BBQ at their place downtown. I finished my spackling, jumped in the shower & was ready by the time Melanie was back to carpool over. Fun evening, and I finally got to see J&J's new baby kitties Patty & Selma! So cute! :) When we got home from the party, I quickly put Killz on just the areas I needed to cover stains or nails & screws, did some dishes while washing paintbrushes & went to bed.

Hall bathroom & front porch, plus pressure-washing begins...

Sunday was painting day! It took about 4 hours to paint the hall bathroom. After using a brush on all the cutwork, which was most of the room, I tried a roller for a large section, but not only did it start spattering everywhere, but I didn't like the texture with my painstakingly hand-spackled "Old World" plaster look, so I gave up on the roller & finished with the brush anyway. I quickly mowed the front lawn, then painted not only the newly-opened front porch wall, but since the house paint color was out, I painted over all the new cabling that was run when I moved in. After all that, I was finally able to start trying to pressure-wash the sparkly stuff off my concrete patios. As I started, I really laughed when just enough came off that I was able to tell the concrete patio was painted...(da da DUH)...you guessed it! Aqua! Was this entire house monochromatic? Even for an aqua fan like me, I wouldn't be able to take a house and patio all the same color! I'm beginning to think it was a house in the Edward Scissorhands neighborhood! haha... ;) After 2 hours constant with the pressure-washer, which was all I could take both for my hand grip & my back, I was one-quarter done with the screened patio, which is only an eighth of the total...so this will take awhile...

Since I still had some daylight but my body couldn't take any more pressure-washing, I split my two red flame grapevines that are growing so well into separate pots, watered the plants, and rearranged everything back on the patio so that it's easy to remove again to keep pressure-washing. Then I decided the bathroom paint should be dry enough that I took off all the tape, then it was a race against the fading daylight to put up the new light fixture & screw the medicine cabinet back in. I won't be caulking it in until I find a better mirror to overhaul that cabinet since I'll have to take it down again to put on the new mirro. I cleaned that bathroom & put accessories back in for some photos, put the Brittahytta sign back out front since the porch paint was dry, then I basically dropped dead after some cheese & crackers at 10:30pm plus a much-needed shower...whew!

Here are some more before & after photos (if you haven't seen the master bathroom before & after photos yet, check that out too):

Earlier in the week I ironed the curtains & put up the IKEA clip rings:

Gold Curtains Before

Gold Curtains After

Porch wall before destruction, then after reconstruction & painting:

Front Porch Wall Before

Front Porch Wall After

Hall bathroom before, then after water damage repair, spackling for texture, new paint & new light fixture:

Hall Bathroom Before

Hall Bathroom After

Close-up of "Old World" wall texture

Screened patio floor with sparkly stuff, then during pressure-washing...yes note the color of the painted concrete! Someone who owned this house was more of an aqua freak than I am! ;)

Screened Patio Floor Before

Screened Patio Floor "After" (more "during" really)

Onward to another busy week, with trying to keep pressure-washing each evening I possibly can...whew!

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I didn't bother to debug it or think much about why it might be happening, but I'm getting 404 errors when clicking on the links to your pictures. I would like to see the pix of the front porch wall and stuff, so if they're fixed let me know and I'll take another gander.

Oops! Sorry...fixed all the enlarged image links...thought I had remembered the gallery format but I blew it last night when rushing... :P

There we go; they're working now.

Nice job on the front wall. So nice to see the windows from the front like that. I also like the wall texture.

Thanks! Now to get a vine growing on that porch wall so it's a prettily-framed view of the front windows... :)

So when do we get to see?

I have to say I'm very impressed with your consistent progress. I can't wait to see all the upgrades. BBQ at your place for 4th of July???

I'll be happy if I can just get my back lawn re-edged this Saturday and maybe scrub half the hot tub (San José hard water buildup, doncha know).

- Robin

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