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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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more teal madness - Teal Treo!
australia, ocean
Today we take a break from our regularly-scheduled Brittahytta remodeling projects to bring you...

Teal Treo!
(Treal? Tealo?)

How to Tealify a Treo

Since I got my Treo in April, I've been searching for ways to customize its look, since I cannot possible keep something around that looks exactly like everyone else's. ;) Of course there are all sorts of fancy Treo cases, leather & whatnot, but none of those appealed to me. Plenty of pink of course, but no teal...darn! I had come across some "cellskins" which are die-cut stickers to go around the screen & keys, which I thought I could paint. I finally found a thin clear case for $20 including shipping from TreoDen, plus a black sparkle cellskin, then a set of 15 screen protectors as well. My order showed up yesterday, so since I had already bought the same model spray paint as last year's teal madness episode to be ready, I painted everything last night, between more pressure washing the patio (6 hrs work so far has only cleared off half of the screened patio - ugh).

Original Treo in the clear plastic case

The clear case itself

Pieces masked off and ready for painting

Painted pieces drying inside

Painted cellskin pieces drying inside

Painted cellskin pieces after toothpick cleanup around all edges with painted case pieces after removing all masking tape, all curing overnight. I didn't paint the belt clip since I can use it clear when necessary.

Voila! A Teal Treo!

Bonus Feature: Teal Mini Mouse!

Since the spray paint was out already, I also tealified this cheap $5 mini-mouse I found at BigLots a couple months ago. They were sold in different colors, and the only part that was different between them was the top section, so I bought a black one & eased the cheap black plastic top off, then painted it at the same time as the Treo case...voila! A teal mini mouse to match! Now I just need a tealified laptop, but my PowerBook is still too precious to me to mess with that... ;)

Original Mini Mouse with black cover removed

Teal Mini Mouse!

Happy Friday!

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So cute!

Nice job! Once again... customized by Britta... wouldn't have it any other way. Is that model paint for little cars/airplanes and such? For some reason I thought you had a small bottle of actual automotive paint you were using for touch ups on the Briata.


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