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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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getting the hang of Thursdays?
australia, ocean
Hahahahaha...more YouTube silliness...you need to watch this whether you're Star Trek or Star Wars or both...heehee!!!

Shatner Serenades Lucas

With work so busy then rehearsal every night not getting home until 11pm, no time to breathe this week, but thankfully I had the couple minutes to watch that...I really needed that laugh, even though I was really trying to stifle my giggles here in my cube at work!

Please, please, please, if you're anywhere near San Jose this weekend, come see our fabulous show "One is the All"...PLEASE! :)

Pretty please?

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I'm going to buy tickets for the Sunday show for Suzanne and I. :-)

HOORAY! Oh my goodness, you have a long drive I know, but you will not be disappointed! I am not kidding that I'm so proud of this show, and I think it really does have universal appeal...I am so glad you can come! Hooray! :D

(okay, so I maybe I'm a little overexcited? Blame it on the lack of & sleep & pure adrenaline of this week...? ;)

GOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!! Would totally be there except for that whole on the wrong side of hte country thing :D Expect a full report at some point via LJ

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