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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Thar be Pirates, matey!
australia, ocean
We did see Superman Returns in IMAX 3D last weekend, but I have to say I was looking forward more to Pirates 2. It did not disappoint! Of course, since I just happened to have my own pirate costume, but I was going straight from work, I wore a modified pirate outfit...my 16-year-old frilly shirt, brocade vest, sparkly black jeans, and boots, then until movie time my frock coat & giant plumed hat were in the car, along with my silly Disneyland-purchased leather Jolly Roger flask full of Captain Morgans spiced rum. Cyd got into the spirit & dashed home from work to put on her buckled boots, black velvet jacket & black satin corset, and brought a scarf I tied around her head for her. She brought her own flask but filled with white port. There were 10 of us in our group in line for the movie, but here we are, the swashbuckling pair!

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum...and Port... ;)
(Sailor Cyd & Buccaneer Britta at Pirates of the Caribbean 2)

Since a frock coat & plumed hat cut quite the silhouette, I wanted to try for a MST3K-style theatre seats photo as we were waiting for the movie to start...actually sitting in a seat didn't work because of how the rows of seats were raked, so I stood & we finally got this one...

Then, because I'm a geek, tonight I turned that photo of me into this...scale problems I know but I get to poke Capt Jack's cheek! heehee...

...and of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I went all out and couldn't decide which was best between these three...hahahaha! :)

...arr matey...didja ever see any two prettier pirates?

Fabulous FX sequence...but probably one of the most MST-iable moments of the movie...heh!

Reservoir Pirates, right? Wasn't that what EVERYONE was thinking? ;)
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Love the MST shots. We had a great time. Thanks for organizing!

Dude...now THAT'S funny! I had no idea you were planning on doing that!! That's hilarious!!


Love the MST3K shots!

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