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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
Frustrating!!! Someone is claiming my painstakingly-hand-drawn Marauder's Map as their own AND trying to sell it on eBay! :(

My friend who is sysadmin of our joint webserver only found this on eBay because the person tried to hotlink images directly from my website, which show up in his logs and display the jarring-on-purpose "don't steal from www.britta.com" images he made. What is worse is from the questions toward the bottom of the listing, someone obviously thought he was me & was complimenting him on my party webpages AND he took credit!

Yeah, serves me right for offering it as a free download online I guess, but my intent was for the benefit of fellow HP fans for their personal use, and I have had countless emails from all over the world from appreciative fans. It only takes one person to ruin the whole thing. The seller did reply back to me, saying...

Im sorry if im being rude but I came saw your website when I typed up Marauders map on google image search and i saw your website pictures so I clicked on it and saw you where showing people how to make your map. I clicked on the free download button and made your map as shown and as imonly 12 i asked my dad the owner of the ebay account if i could sell it. As there was no copyright on it, it seemed like a good idea.
Iam sorry I realise how angry you must be as i can see how much effort you put into it.
I am sorry

I don't care if he's 12 or not (I don't really buy it) but no © on the page doesn't imply permission for resale, let alone claiming credit. What a jerk. I hate that I feel violated for trying to be nice to other HP fans who have enjoyed my hard work and my willingness to share. I'll spare you my reply to him. I did clear it with two friends before I sent it & they didn't think it was too harsh. ;)

Of course there are limited things I can do at this point, since I did willingly post it for free. I did report the listing to eBay as misrepresentation and theft of intellectual property, but I doubt they'll do anything. My original email to the seller requested he take down the listing, but you can see he didn't say he would. I messaged both bidders directing them to my website and not to buy from the seller. I updated my map webpage this afternoon, removing the downloadable map & including a note why, but anyone who already downloaded it will still have it on their computer, so I can't prevent them from reposting it. A friend who has some copyright experience thinks I can claim copyright for my art pieces that are "inspired by" prop replicas as parodies, so I will look that up, so that's why I've said "copyright" for now. The inside is definitely all my own artwork, but the front is almost exactly from the DVD, so it's a mixture.

Now that I'm finished getting that off my chest, while digging through the logs to see who else is linking to my map page, look at what we found:

Some squeeing from unknown fans on some forum

Someone who gave me full credit, but reposted all my content since he thought my site was down for good
(during typing this, he's already replied to me & changed his page back to referring to my site directly - now THAT'S Netiquette!)

...and last but definitely not least in the humor category...

A Google search for "origami diagram squid" (page 2)

HAHAHAHAHA! Makes sense though, since I use all those words on that page...including the Giant Squid who appears on my map! ;)

On that note, back out into the blazing heat for my drive home from work...hope everyone is staying cool!

P.S. One thing I've learned this past week is that www.britta.com is more popular than I realized! I got quite a few "oh no, what happened to your website?" emails, including some fears it was gone forever, and here we thought a 4-day outage would probably slip by unnoticed. Lesson learned now, so we'll figure a way to post a "temporarily down for maintenance" notice next time we need to do any server work! Since it's that popular, gotta get my AdSense working on some pages & see if I can earn any money that way... ;)

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Looks like the high bidder got your message and withdrew his bid:


12 years old or not, that's scummy. Poor kid (if he is a kid) was raised by no-class assclowns.

I'm sorry. :(

Yeah, seriously...if it was his dad who agreed "sure, sell it as your own" that's no better anyway! What kind of values are those to teach your child? If that is the case, I feel sorry for someone in that environment, but that still doesn't make it right...

No, there's nothing right about it. It's not even so wrong that it's right. It's firmly planted in the lame, banal, and clearly wrong category.

But sadly, I fear the child has a bright future in sales. Now, it may be at a Rent-to-Own furniture facility, or at the Paycheck advance loan stores...

Ya know, there is an old mapmaker trick that is still in use today to my knowledge. To keep others from completely copying his city map, the mapmaker will put in fake items like an extra street or two. Maybe you can add an identifying symbol, logo, or label visible from the front of the folded-up map.

Re: old mapmaker trick

My monogram I use to sign all my artwork is included hidden in the graphic on the folded front, but I won't say anything further in case anyone tries to be clever & crop it out... ;)

That's horrible! I can't believe he even went so far as to post your photos as well! One would think he'd at least have taken his own photos. What a f*^#'d up way to take advantage of another's good nature.

But I took the liberty of looking this up:

Re: Hope You Don't Mind

Thanks...that's a different page than the one I found when trying to report the item...all I found was that I would have to sign up in advance for the VERO program to be able to report intellectual property theft...I'll be looking up copyright stuff for parodies soon...just still sucks that I have to resort to this vs. people just being nice & respecting each other...

That seriously sucks for you! At least the bidders removed their bids! Good luck with all that! Your website is amazing and I'm shocked someone could be bad enough to steal others' work and try to sell it!!

That's not a 12 year old.

Oh please... 12 years old? That's a load of garbage...I'm OUTRAGED for you Britta! I'm sitting here FUMING! Well, there you have it.. one bad apple in the bunch, ruins it for everyone else. I'm sorry.



In the silver lining department, everyone who *did* get an invite can now be rich, rich, rich! if we flip our copy on eBay! :)

Seriously, this is lame and I have no words to express myself.

iDogcow (http://cheapassbastards.blogspot.com/)

Gay Gay Gay

get a life people, its just a map

Hi William's dad. Welcome to LJ.

The outrage isn't about the map. And it's sad that you can't see past that. Please feel free to respond if you still don't get the point after reading the posts and the comments.

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