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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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argh update
australia, ocean
To continue the saga from yesterday afternoon about how someone was claiming my painstakingly-hand-drawn Marauder's Map as their own AND trying to sell it on eBay...As of last night, the high bidder had retracted his bid, so he must have gotten my message, and I got a reply from the other bidder thanking me for the info & asking when my next party will be. :) As of this morning the auction had ended with "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale." I had this in my inbox this morning.

Hello I am sorry for any trouble I may have caused you, I realise it was your own brilliant work and not mine. I hope you accept my apology and I wont do anything like this EVER again.

Maybe he is 12, but I really hope he has learned his lesson. We're already planning on a password-protected downloads section on britta.com, with an expiring password system so no one can just post a link with the password anywhere else. Then it's a matter of what content can I sell and what is just available for free, but people have to contact me to get the current password. That still won't prevent people from reposting content elsewhere after they've downloaded it, but at the login I could have a "terms & conditions" agreement that no reposting allowed and for personal use only, no resale. Not sure how much that would help, but we'll see...

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I'm still so incredibly appalled that the father of this kid (assuming that is the case) would presume to think there isn't anything morally wrong with that kind of behavior!

I agree with Ophelia

It is hard to believe that the father thought it would be fine. Sad when that is the morality being taught to his kids. I'll give him credit for acknowledging and apologizing at least. His wording does sound like a 12 year old (the teacher in me speaking).
Password protected downloads--good idea. Or just take it offline and tell people you will let them know when your book is published!


Re: I agree with Ophelia

It's utterly amazing with what values are being taught to kids.

There is another story about a lost camera found by a Canadian family who decided to tell their child that is okay to keep the camera. This story ended well. Start with the February stories at the bottom of the page:


Ya know what...this might be a good opportunity to redirect your energy and make a new map for the next party at your new house. :)

OMG! Weak!!

Wow - that is a new low for humanity, to the point of hijacking your images as well.

(I guess it's a good thing that they were dumb enough to do this so you could track them down!)

perhaps time to start watermarking your images and having people request the un-marked files?


Re: OMG! Weak!!


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