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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Fun with Wizard Rock!
australia, ocean
Since inside my house must still be in the 90s or more (ugh!), as I sit on my screened patio still trying to cool down with white peaches, raspberries, cold milk & Trader Joe's O's, let me fill you in on my fun evening of Wizard Rock! :)

I had heard of Harry & the Potters a couple years ago when their song Save Ginny Weasley was making the rounds. I thought they were clever, but since they were East Coast I didn't think much more about them. Robert's M found they were on tour this summer, right next door in Milpitas at the library! Too bad so many other people in our local HP crowd were busy, but there was a decent-sized crowd there on the grass in the muggy heat. Cyd, Jen (hpjenorama) & I joined Robert & their crowd, and we saw Purple-Haired Angie there with her own HP crowd, too. Yes, besides the band & one small boy, I was the Gryffindor Geek in the most complete costume...but hey, if I have it already, why not wear it? It was cooler to wear in the heat than my Hogwarts polo shirt! I had made butterbeer pops with a stars & moons ice cube tray and wand toothpicks, so I brought them in an ice chest, so I had just enough & barely enough time to pass them out to the people I knew before they melted...but I forgot to take photos of them! Doh! oh well...one of Angie's friends used the wand toothpicks as hair decorations, so that was funny!

First up was local Sunnyvale girl Roonil Wazlib...just herself with acoustic guitar, but a nice clear voice and clever lyrics. She had her CD for sale for $5 and $1 went to a charity to help children in Sudan (we forgot to pick up the flyer with the CD), so I think all of us bought her disc. :)

First up: Roonil Wazlib

Next up was Draco & the Malfoys, who also has tracks on MySpace...they rocked the HOUSE! Great energy, hilarious manner in character how anti-Harry, pro-Voldemort they were...they were really funny...then the killer was they did a filk (fan-song cover of an existing song) of 99 Luftballons as "99 Death Eaters"...HAHAHAHA! As their set continued and we were thinking, "hey, maybe we'll buy their CD" they piped up between songs that they were OUT of CDs...waah! Guess I'll have to wait to buy it online...gotta have 99 Death Eaters!

Next up: Draco & the Malfoys

After a break as the Malfoy with hair changed ties from Slytherin green & silver to Gryffindor scarlet & gold to become the drummer, Harry & the Potters were up. They definitely have their own style, and some songs are quite catchy, but I have to admit Gryffindor Geek me liked Draco & the Malfoys better - shock! Maybe there is more Slytherin in me than I thought? haha...We were surprised by how many hardcore fans they had, creating their own little 10-person mosh pit, singing along with all the lyrics! I even saw Draco standing in the crowd taking photos & singing along! haha...obviously they're all friends, but we were laughing how "out of character" that was when he was still wearing his Slytherin tie... ;) Even though overall I liked the Malfoys' set better, I admit when the Harry & the Potters finale "The Power of Love" started I was laughing, but it ended up being quite the rock anthem by the end, and a great closing song.

Last but not least: Harry & the Potters

The problem with Harry & the Potters was too much choice for $10 per CD, and I didn't feel like buying all 4...they need a best of album already! haha...I might go through the playlist for each CD & see which has the most songs I like...they made a second MySpace page just to post more free tracks, so that's nice...and now that I found Draco & the Malfoys' website - argh! I'd have to buy the $10 compilation Christmas CD to get the VoldieClaus song, since it's not on their own album...hmm...

Now I hope to get some actual sleep tonight out on my patio where it's cooler...stay cool everyone!

P.S. Maybe I will break down & make my own MySpace account...I've ended up on MySpace for music tracks about 5 times in just the past week...including Music from the Mushroom that was beautifully done but absolutely hilarious & stuck in my head for a LONG time (via Wil Wheaton's blog)...

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Reading is Awesome

Yeah, great show and thanks for the ice-pops!

What I thought was cool about H&tP (well, all 3 bands, really) was the way they were fun for all ages. The line about the evil leader (Fudge) and his propaganda blanketing the news, "draw your own parallels" was priceless! Probably over the head of the small boy in robe and glasses but his parents sure laughed.

In some ways reminds me of the Warner Bros. cartoons and their subtle nuances.

Did H&tP live remind anyone else of "The Dead Milkmen"?

idogcow (robert)

That sounds so fun. They were up here (Tacoma, WA) about 2 weeks ago, I knew I should have gone to see them!

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