brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,


13 email requests for my Marauders' Map in only 6 days...whew! Little did I know it was that popular? Of course that means that probably thousands of people already have it, but from now on, people have to email me, then I send them a link that's under password-protect that I am expiring each week. I also made a PayPal donation button in case anyone feels inspired to make a contribution. :) We'll see how this works. I still haven't gotten AdSense up on my original map page though...maybe that it's finally cooler I need to get back to doing more house projects...

In other news, I had a nice birthday on Thursday, lunch AND dinner out, 7 wishes in 3 waves of singing, including one harmonized by a good chunk of the Choral Project (yay!), and thankfully we were back to normal South Bay Area summer temperatures just in time...then today was my first ever facial with minor shoulder massage, face massage & foot massage...very nice but I don't think I can justify spending on that too often! I was finally using a gift certificate from last year's birthday...better late than never! I've also finally given up on my friend so I've been watching the West Wing that's been on my Tivo for 7 months now...7 consecutive episodes of West Wing in one fell swoop with 5 or so more still to go before the wonder I have a headache! ;)

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