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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Lockwood Garden Revisited
australia, ocean
Since I was early for my salon appt on Friday afternoon, I stopped by my old place to take a peek at the yard...no one was home & all the curtains & blinds were closed, so I went into the yard just far enough to see the patio & snapped a few quick pix with my Treo. It looks like at least the major stuff I planted is still alive, but it looks like the grass is suffering, so I wonder if the sprinklers never got turned back on after the rainy season? The iris under the potato vine is full with a bunch of nutgrass, and the side yard has lots of weeds flowering & seeding, but my bark over the weed fabric seems to have done well for weed control up in the raised beds, and there are plenty of still-green concord grapes on the vine on the fence. They are putting their garbage & recycling cans in front of the fence on the side yard (ugly for the front yard for neighbors' sake in my opinion) so they're not using my bamboo fence I built to hide the cans...to each his own...if I was brave enough, I should have climbed in the back to see if any blackberries were ripe yet! haha...

Backyard at Lockwood Now

Patio and Potato Vine

Side Yard at Lockwood - do I see volunteer pumpkin blossoms? ;)

Compare those to last year at this time...

Backyard at Lockwood - Late July 2005

Side Yard at Lockwood - Late July 2005

Granted, my first summer living there I didn't have much side vegetable garden either, since I had worked so hard on getting the backyard ready for my Year 5 at Hogwarts party that summer, but by late August I did have a little "farm" growing...and my new yard has a bunch of weeds right now since I've been so busy, then the heat wave made it unbearable to do yardwork until evening when I couldn't see the weeds... ;) I am glad that my iris, roses & rosemary are still surviving, and I didn't notice walking past them, but in the photos I see some pumpkins reseeded themselves in the side yard! They might have a Halloween surprise...haha...somehow appropriate that I leave behind some Halloween legacy... ;)

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*sigh* you can't go home again, it's true! :-( whenever i drive down the street of my childhood home, i'm always so sad to see the changes the new homeowners have made since i've been there (the worst being, we had this massive pink rock in our front garden with a flat surface that i used to always sit on and watch the neighbourhood from, or read, or whatever ... they took it out! *sniff*). it cracks me up that you actually went in and took photos, though! hahaha!

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