brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

my Marauders Map on eBay

I got some comments today from previous entries, and they've relisted my map, carefully taking their own photos & saying just "created by a Harry Potter fan" not themselves. What they don't realize is that US copyright laws do not require the copyright owner to display a copyright notice to claim copyright, so they are still in violation since I did not give them license permission for resale. I guess the only way to handle this is to sell on eBay myself to get out the word to that audience.

At least this protects eBay buyers for knowing what they're getting when they happen to search on all Marauders Maps.

Irony: the time it takes to read my website & bother to post comments to my blog calling my friends & me "gay" & accusing me of not having a life sure doesn't seem like that person has a life of their own, does it? ;)

Now to hopefully enjoy the rest of my weekend...
Tags: ebay, harry potter, marauders map

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