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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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my Marauders Map on eBay
australia, ocean
I got some comments today from previous entries, and they've relisted my map, carefully taking their own photos & saying just "created by a Harry Potter fan" not themselves. What they don't realize is that US copyright laws do not require the copyright owner to display a copyright notice to claim copyright, so they are still in violation since I did not give them license permission for resale. I guess the only way to handle this is to sell on eBay myself to get out the word to that audience.


At least this protects eBay buyers for knowing what they're getting when they happen to search on all Marauders Maps.

Irony: the time it takes to read my website & bother to post comments to my blog calling my friends & me "gay" & accusing me of not having a life sure doesn't seem like that person has a life of their own, does it? ;)

Now to hopefully enjoy the rest of my weekend...

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I'm so glad that you put your own listing up on eBay. Honestly, some people....

Yeah, at this point faxing ebay a NOCI and getting their account suspended seems like a very good idea. Then I guess joining the VeRO program and posting an About Me page would hopefully discourage any other morons from stealing your work and trying to sell what isn't theirs to sell. I suppose in order to understand the concept of intellectual copyright infringement, one would first require intellect themselves.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and hopefully the harassment will cease!

Hang in there, Britta.

P.S. And your car is awesome, by the way.

Re: Nasty Little Thieves

Yeah, since now they've added more description about how great their "hand-aging" is plus their fancy packaging (?!), as soon as I get to a fax machine in the morning at work, I'll be sending eBay the NOCI form along with printout of the email chain from before how they admitted they were infringing & took the previous listing down voluntarily, so they cannot claim ignorance this time around...I can't believe it was bid up to almost £10...I only have my first bid so far...but now I think I'll just list every week whether anyone buys the maps or not...at least that way no one can say they have the "only one on eBay like it"...

I guess that this particular Brit doesn't feel bound by US copyright laws.

By the way, there are a lot of auctions with the alternate spelling "Marauder's Map" being listed. Are you able to make an update to the auction title? (Maybe at least update the description.)

Had you contacted the high bidder of the other auction yet?

You know, with all the videos and pictures and stuff that appear online these days, I would think people would want to familiarize themselves with the copyright laws before they go start posting stuff like that. What losers.

emahs attirb I etah uoy!

Yes I agree with all of you but dont you feel sorry for that poor little boy with a dad like that?

Re: emahs attirb I etah uoy!

Wow, this is really getting weird...that came from the same AOL London/UK IP address who posted the "gay gay gay" comments, which is most likely the same eBay seller, since his email is AOL & the eBay profile lists location in the UK...I don't get this guy...*shrug*...Munchausen by Internet Syndrome of getting attention any which way he can perhaps? Anonymous comments are now screened, so I just won't allow anymore weirdness like this...unless it's so funny I can't resist. ;)

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