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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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sold! :)
australia, ocean
Last Marauders Map update for awhile I hope! Someone tried to bid in the last 5 minutes of my auction this morning, so my folded map sold for $22.06 plus $1 shipping - wow! By yesterday morning eBay had shut down both of the auctions by that guy, and so far he hasn't listed any new auctions...hopefully he'll just give up now seeing that I'm now a member of eBay's Verification of Rights Owners program with the handy-dandy electronic version of the Notice of Claimed Infringement form...his last auction was shut down in about 24 hours, so eBay did take quick action from my emailed form which was nice.

I'll be listing a new folded map on eBay each week, always with the instructions to contact me if you'd like to fold your own for free instead...as long as you agree to my copyright terms of use, of course! :)

All's well that ends well I hope!

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Good to hear

Hey, it's Derek from Harry Potter Haven. Just want to say I'm glad to hear you got it sorted out after all that :)

2nd shutdown

Do you think his broken wand auction was shut down because of the possible map included comment?

He is tenacious for a 12yr old!


Well eBay shut the 2nd auction down per my request since my map was included. I didn't care if he sold a broken wand. I only asked for him to remove my map from his listing, but eBay shut down the whole auction. 3 days & no new auctions at all from that seller yet, so hopefully he has given up now.

Re: 2nd shutdown

in a way all the publicity has turned out for the best, you're 21$ richer! :)


Thanks for creating the map and don't let them get you down!

Hi, Britta!

I am sorry that you had such problems. Your map is wonderful! I've made several for myself and my kids and have used bits and pieces in my own (not for sale) journals and handmade books.

You are an inspiration to other artists and I have shared your website with others.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. You are a wonderful teacher.


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