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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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claim to fame
australia, ocean
Alton Brown & I broke the same collarbone. Both of us were on cycles, albeit his was motorized...

Feasting on Asphalt

(though why they gave him a sling & not the spiffy figure-8 backpack-style brace I got back in 1983 I'm not sure...it was SO much easier to be careful but still do things like put my contacts in & do homework without a sling, let alone wear normal clothes! Even thought it was really painful, I healed just dandy...)

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I've only watched the first three segments... this must be in the fourth. :P

Sorry if I spoiled anything, but you didn't even watch the "next time on Feasting on Asphalt" at the end or the commercials all week that showed him in a sling?

Not really linked to your present entry...


I would like to send you a e-mail about your awesome work. But it seems that Hotmail can't deliver it to your e-mail britta@britta.com

Aoife Ardal

Re: Not really linked to your present entry...

Ack - thanks for the heads up! We investigated last night & there are problems with some hotmail, yahoo & gmail mailservers that have been blacklisted for spam, so anything sent from those domains wasn't getting through to me. We've removed that spam service for now so I can get email again...plus a lot more spam than usual... :P ...so please try again if you'd like to email me directly!

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