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editing has begun!

32 hour-long tapes DONE! Now I can give Steve & Keith back their tapes - woohoo! I still need a couple clips from my concert footage, but I decided last night to begin the rough cut assembly first, since I can always add the short concert clips in later...of course I still have WAY too much footage, so we'll see what will actually be viewable at the tour photo party tomorrow afternoon...boy do I wish I didn't have to work today! See, I do bring my PowerBook to work every day & run two computers, one personal & one work, but I am being good since all the video clips reside on my 250G external LaCie hard drive and that drive stays at home so as not to tempt me...can't even sneak in any video work during lunch that way...ah, well...

In other "news" I'm up to 5 baby pumpkins in addition to the two large ones already getting very orange, and the corn is still doing quite well. After culling the badly-infected pumpkin leaves, the milk & water solution to control the powdery mildew seems to be doing pretty well, thank goodness. I had a small but delicious vine-ripened tomato on my Boca burger last night for dinner - yum! :-9 Tuesday evening I fertilized everything with organic fertilizer (boy is it stinky!), then I repotted my jasmine vine that entwines intself around the arch over the patio sliding door and used the old pot for a new "Sweet Memory Duranta Sky Flower" vine I got at Home Depot...the flowers are on small lilac-like clusters, and I love the lacy look of the purple outlined with the duranta and the passiflora are both on the other side of the arch opposite the jasmine, so we'll see if they like each other or not...

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope you don't have triskaidekophobia! Personally, since I first acquired Kylie the Kitty, I have considered myself immune to such superstitions, having a black cat cross my path several times each day... ;)

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