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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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calling all fans of The Office UK!
australia, ocean
Robert pointed me to these Microsoft "employee training videos" by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant on Google Video, already removed from YouTube, so you might want to download your own copies quickly, but I recommend to choose the video iPod option to save mp4 files vs. the Windows/Mac option or you'll just get a Google Video pointer file, not the standalone video.

the office values

the office values 'realising potential'

Don't worry, even if you haven't seen the entire Office UK series, this doesn't spoil anything in the series itself...these are just more classic David Brent, and I do mean classic! hoo boy...

There are a couple more Ricky Gervais videos on Google Video, including two of his video podcasts (#1 and #4?)& an odd good luck clip to the England World Cup team, but I have to say they're not that great & seem to confirm my already-voiced opinion that Stephen Merchant is the funnier guy...however the David Brent reprises on behalf of Microsoft are absolutely hilarious - including outtakes on the end of each! :)


P.S. When the heck is Extras series 2 coming out anyway? That's the only reason I haven't taken HBO off my DirecTV feed yet! ;) Yes, I realize by now I could have used the monthly HBO fee to buy a DVD set of Extras 2, but they will air on HBO before they're released on DVD you see...hrmph...