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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Happy 40th Star Trek!
australia, ocean

How time flies, eh? I have a 25th anniversary art print framed on my office wall at home, and a commemorative pin from the 25th anniversary movie marathon where I sat through the 5 movies on big screen at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento, seeing the first real preview trailers for Star Trek VI...and now since then 3 new Trek series & 4 feature films have come & gone, and I haven't been to a Trek convention in 12 years since pre-WWW days...and here I was considered a "young" fan back in the day, but I was still a pre-NextGen fan, skeptical of how that show would turn out...

Here's hoping the JJ Abrams-helmed ST XI will break the odd-numbered curse & resurrect Trek, but I also agree that we are due a break from constant new televised Trek so these young whippersnappers realize what it's like to only have reruns for years... ;)

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oh my god, that is the BEST photo!! hee! too cute!! (man, is there any costume you CAN'T make!?)

Um...yeah, wiidow...that'd be No. There is NO costume she can't make!! Incredible, huh?

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