brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

quick update

This made me horoscope for today from Yahoo:

There's a lot going on in your life, but perversely, the stars are telling you to slow down, not speed up. Your natural state is zoom, zoom, zoom, but focus on each and every step, or things could go boom, boom, boom.

My natural state is most definitely zoom zoom zoom and even more so right now! I have been able to lay more brick on the patio this week, so I'm almost half done with the patio section, but still need to do the walkway...images are at the end of the garden gallery...

I'm off to pick up blackwiidow, head to the Apple HQ Company Store before it closes, then dinner in San Jose, tomorrow is Winchester Mystery House, shopping & a coast drive regardless of the weather, with either a beach picnic or Half Moon Bay Brewing Co, or maybe both! She's had a roller coaster week with some really tragic family news yesterday, but she has determined to still have fun this weekend. I'm so glad I finally get to meet her in person! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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