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Brick is DONE!!! :D

What a relief! The entire brick patio & walkway in the backyard are DONE! It took until about midnight on Sunday night but I did it! Cyd did try to come over & help me one evening, but since I only have the one mallet, I wasn't able to pound the bricks in quickly enough for her to keep lugging over more local supply, so I've just been doing it myself. Honestly, standing upright again to go haul more bricks over to the working area gave my back a good break from the rest. I was also paying close attention to my back so I wouldn't overdo it & be completely useless the next day, so that often meant I could only work 2 hours in a night. I was able to use Melanie as extra hands for finishing up the arbor bench & hanging the blind as the shed door. mrmouse also came over Sunday to help, but I gave him other projects of painting Halloween props as I continued with the brick work. Thanks to you all for the help!

window & gate before & after

patios & shed before & after

side entry gate before & after

I also finally figured out the other fruit tree! I had seen these apple-looking fruit develop on the tree in the corner, but the skin was fuzzy and I wasn't sure if they'd ever turn color from pale green or have a softer texture, but the oldest one fell off the tree on Sunday, so I cut see-through slices for mrmouse & me to try. We both thought it tasted like a nice tart granny smith apple! I had a couple larger slices later in the evening still with no ill effects, and I've been allergic to apples when I was younger. My dad suggested it might be a quince, but I had been told quince were more citrusy, but lo & behold I googled "quince apple" & found a photo of exactly my fruit! My grandmother loves quince jelly, so I picked the ones still on the tree that were slightly yellow & put them in my extra fridge so they wouldn't just fall off the tree & spoil while I'm gone on my trip. Hopefully they'll last until after Halloween when I'll have time to try making some jelly...there won't be much since not much fruit but it'll be fun to try! :)
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