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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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made it to Munich
australia, ocean
Lufthansa planes are quite nice even though cramped for short-haul flights. They even gave us a little cheese & bread sandwich for our snack. I successfully figured out the train ticket system (would only take MasterCard despite the sign) and found my hotel! Still no cash yet, and the hotel wifi is broken but they have this one ancient Windows box in the lounge. I am exhausted & plan just to take a good shower, check out the maps & brochures I grabbed from the front desk, and get some sleep! Tomorrow will be my first real view of Munich! :)

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WooHoo!! Have a couple of brewskis for me!!!

From Today's 'Out of Ambit': Flirt cards add taste to Oktoberfest oompah

"The message is simple, so simple that it can be deciphered in the midst of an alcoholic haze at the world's most inebriated beer party.

"Du g'foist ma" - Bavarian for "I fancy you" - is one of a dozen flirt cards that can be wielded as part of a desperate attempt to raise the tone of the Oktoberfest. "



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