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Munich - Day 2 - Oktoberfest

Britta at Oktoberfest 2006

After Alexander arrived on the train, he & I walked over to the Oktoberfest grounds. He had been there Wednesday already, so it was good to get a tour from another native German speaker who could translate specifics for me & give background! We were both hungry for lunch, since it was already 2pm, but we wanted to go on the free-fall ride without a full stomach, so we rode the Power Tower first. Great fun, like the one at Disney's California Adventure! We got to the Löwenbräu "tent", found somewhere to sit outside and ordered lunch. I had authentic Wiener Schnitzel, breaded & fried fillet of beef, which is nothing like a hot dog, Bavarian Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), and a Radler, which is beer with lemonade. Radler at least is tolerable as something to drink while others are having the real beer, but quite tasty food! Patrick was on his way over after his work appointment, so we finally met up with him as we were finishing lunch. Since they don't sell radler in anything less than 1 liter & neither of them drink beer, I was trying to finish mine since they were already bored waiting for me, so I only finished a little more than half before I was too guilty for making them sit there finishing my drink instead of wasting it. Ah well!

We went inside the tent at least to see, since they get so full in the afternoon that they lock the doors so no one else can get in while people are dancing on the tables, then before any more rides, Patrick liked Alexander's idea of stashing his stuff in a train station locker, plus I had figured by then it was so warm I wouldn't be needing both jackets I had with me, so potty break at my hotel room was included, then back over for more rides. I rode the Power Tower again, this time with Patrick while Alexander took photos, then all 3 of us on the tube raft water ride, then just Patrick & me on the big 5-loop roller coaster. 5 loops was enough for us to need a rest from rides for awhile after that! Each costs several Euros to ride, too, so it wasn't cheap...glad the ones we rode were worth it!

Alexander had to catch his train home to his wife in Frankfurt by 7pm, so Patrick & I strolled around on our own until Christian finally arrived with Franziska & Nina, well after 8pm, so all the tents were not only closed, but nowhere to sit in any garden areas either! Marcoh from the Netherlands also finally found us by then. We found some food at the booths (I finally found my Obazda with Brezen = mixed cheese spread with a giant preztel!) then squeezed our way into a garden to try & be served while standing up, but they didn't serve radler there for me! No full liter of yucky beer for me, so I sucked my bottle of water dry while trying to stay out of the smoke. I have a sore throat already from that, so we'll see how tomorrow goes...We strolled looking for Kaiser Schmarrn, the dessert Franziska had raved about the night before, but we found no other booths that advertised it except the one in the corner I had spotted while waiting for them to arrive...unfortunately when we finally got back over there, they stop serving it at 10pm and it was past 10:30! Tomorrow we'll be sure to have some well before 10pm so I can try it! :)

Britta, Christian, Nina, Patrick, Franziska & Marcoh at Oktoberfest 2006

(full Day 2 photos start at the bottom here)

Christian promises he will wear his lederhosen tomorrow, Franziska will were her pretty red dirndl again, and some of their friends will be in Oktoberfest style as well. Since I already wore my black corset-style top with teal skirt, I'm not sure what I'll wear tomorrow! The plan is to meet at 11am to get a table inside, then basically never leave, which means hopefully I'll get to see the table dancing & all the craziness...just wish me luck lasting through the smoke!
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