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Munich - Day 4

Since Andy wasn't due in until after 4pm, Sunday was on my own for the morning. My throat was a little better & I did get better sleep, but I was still tired, so I got out of bed to breakfast first, then came back & slept another hour or two. About 1pm I finally ventured out, feeling much better for the copious sleep. I tried to find the Halloween store we had found Thursday night, but I had forgotten the name of the street & couldn't find it. Looking at the rest of the shops, it would have been closed anyway so not a great loss. I had gone into the old city a different direction to see something new, so I went through Sedlinger Tor & saw this movie theatre showing Das Parfum! I had read the book several years ago when it came out translated from German into English and it was good, although quite macabre. Now, I had only just heard this was being made into a movie from the Lufthansa in-flight magazine, but that was just an interview with the director, the same one who made Run Lola Run, with no mention of the actors...lo & behold Alan Rickman & Dustin Hoffman are in it! haha...I will definitely be watching for this to come subtitled to the US so I can watch it, after rereading the book first to refresh my memory...

I also found a yarn store, closed since it was Sunday, but I took photos for Nathania, my knitting diva friend. I even stuck my camera on the glass to take a photo of the inside. I thought it was hilarious that the poster was knitted Wurst & Bretzen (sausage & preztels)...haha!

Since I was close enough already, I popped into Frauenkirche again since my photos from Thursday had unfortunately come out blurry from the low light inside, even though it had seemed bright enough when I was taking them. This time you can really see the organ & the archways much clearer now. I had picked up a Hard Rock Cafe brochure at my hotel, so I might as well keep my shot glass collection going when I happen to be in walking distance of one, so I was headed for there when a young guy from Zurich tried asking me the way to Oktoberfest in German, then kept chatting with me in English. He was very pleasant, decided not to go to Oktoberfest since it had started sprinkling, and walked to Hard Rock Cafe with me, but since it was already close to 4pm, I told him I couldn't stay for a drink but needed to meet my friend at the train station & didn't want to be late. We wished each other safe travels, since he was headed back to Zurich tonight himself. I must look non-touristy enough, since SO many people keep asking me for directions thinking I'm native! haha...

I got to Hauptbahnhof by 4:25 or so, and Andy's plane was supposed to arrive at 4:05, so I called him & left a message where I was waiting for him. He called about 4:40 that he had just landed so I hung out in the train station, scarfing some small brezen since I never had lunch. After a comedy of errors of finding each other culminating in using the local Pizza Hut as a landmark, I found him a block from the hotel...hooray! We headed out for a stroll to real Bavarian food at Augustiner, same place as Thursday, which was delicious, then strolled in the rain around the old city a bit, never finding any pipe organ concerts...darn!

(full Day 4 photos start at the bottom here)

Since I have extra wireless left & I'm checking out tomorrow, I'm finally catching up on reading some blogs...I hope Karin is doing better...I hope the concerts went well without me (waah)...sounds like the new yarn store is progressing nicely...any other news I've missed while I've been gone?

Tomorrow Andy will get to see the Old City in daylight, perhaps eat at the Hofbräuhaus, then get the rental car & we drive to Füssen, down on the Austrian border by the Alps. Until next time!
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