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Munich - Day 5

We didn't bother with the hotel breakfast since we wanted Weisswurst (white veal sausage, another Bavarian specialty) which traditionally should be eaten before noon, so we headed for the famous but very touristy Hofbräuhaus for an early lunch. My local friends had told me not to bother going there & go to the Augustiner instead, which we did the night before, but the guy from Zurich said you can't visit Munich without at least seeing it, so we figured we'd get the best of both worlds this way. We got to Marienplatz in time to see the glockenspiel, this time I saw the knights on horseback jousting which I had missed before...the one knight even falls back when he's hit the second time around...haha! Our plan for early to the Hofbräuhaus was excellent, since there was almost no one there about 11:30 when we arrived, so we had our choice of seats out in the garden by the fountain, within range of the folk band but not so close we couldn't hear anything else, and by the time we were finishing eating, the place was so packed we could barely squeeze our way out! The band was excellent, with trumpeters competing for the high notes, whether they could hit them or not, proving trumpeters' egos are the same worldwide... ;)

After we were so full of delicious food & a liter of radler each we could barely move, but walked over to the Viktualienmarkt, where I found quince! Just like mine, except mine have a coating like peach fuzz that washes off easily. Not only did I find real quince (quitten), but later in the fancy gourmet food shop Alois Dallmayr, we found quitte liqueur! I was tempted by the tiny bottles, but Andy spotted a full bottle of a different brand for even cheaper, so I'm bringing back a whole bottle of quince liqueur...heehee...

Before we actually went into Munich's version of Harrod's food halls, we looked into St Peter's then went up the tower, which was well-rewarded! Because of the rain the night before washing the sky of the haze, we could see the Alps in the distance! Coming back down was when we popped into the very busy Alois Dallmayr shop, then through Hofgarten into the Englischer Garten, which Andy had said was a must not only because he's English, but because his boss told him they were very nice gardens. We strolled a bit but being concerned about our time, we saw some surfers using the drainpipe flow for practice, then decided to cross the river Isar & make a large circle back to Hauptbahnhof via Maximilianeum, seeing a MiniMax on the way! ;)

On the loop back, I saw my first Lutheran church of this trip, so ducked inside for some quick photos. If you remember your Reformation history, southern Germany & Austria remained Catholic while northern Germany & Scandinavia became Lutheran, which explains all the other Catholic churches around. We looked at our watches & realized we didn't have time for Andy to see Sedlinger Tor or the inside of Frauenkirche, which was too bad, made it to my hotel to get our bags, over to the train station, then onto the train to the Flughafen/Airport, with only minor mishaps. We got the rental car (a Ford Focus! blech! So much for the "Mercedes A Class or Similar" on the online reservation...I have to drive an American car in the land of German engineering?!? ;) ...and we were on the road out of Munich by 6:30, still rather late to get to Füssen. Since the driving here is on the same side for me, Andy let me drive, so he was the lucky one to call Suzanne's B&B to advise of our later arrival time. We made excellent time through the dark countryside, seeing the Alps in silhouette in the bright moonlight as we got closer, then with a bit of trouble finding where Suzanne's actually was, we finally ate dinner at 10pm at a little Italian restuarant in "downtown" Füssen...whew! Late night, but we made it!

Andy & Britta at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich - October 2006

(full Day 5 photos start at the bottom here)

Tuesday's schedule is getting up early for breakfast, checking out of Suzanne's, then getting up to Castle Neuschwanstein as early as possible, since we've heard that's the best plan. Hopefully we'll be on our way up the Romantische Strasse by after lunchtime, making it to Rothenburg ob der Tauber medieval town by dinner...Until next time!
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