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Füssen to Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Day 6

(If photos are broken that's because I ran out of wifi time since it was uploading too slowly. As soon as the photos are there, the links & embedded photos will work so I'll leave the links intact for now. Sorry!)

I slept much better being in an actual bed vs. on the hard hotel floor the night before, but my congestion is still plaguing me. At least my sore throat is long gone, and I'm able to stay out of most of the smoke so far. We made it ready for breakfast by about 8:20, and made it to the ticket booth at the castle by 9:30, but the next English tour available was already 11am! Glad we got there that early! That gave us plenty of time to walk up the steep road to the castle, taking the detour to Marienbrücke bridge on the way for a nice view. Boy, we made it to the bridge with perfect timing, since we got our photos okay with plenty of elbow room, but it was crammed so tightly by when we wanted to leave we had a hard time pushing through to get off! Lots & lots of Japanese with tons of tiny little cameras. My breathing issues through my clogged nose & head was making me go slower up the steep parts, but we still made it up the castle with plenty of time to spare, plus even cool down. The weather was absolutely beautiful, light clouds for some sky interest, but often too bright for good photographs especially up into the Alps, but it was beautiful to us in person! :)

The castle itself is very like a Disneyland castle, not the kind of castle style I will build myself someday, but it was good to note design features that I would include or enhance for myself. ;) No photos allowed inside of course, but I had to sneak a photo of the teal & gold ceiling! haha...and I sneaked another one of the concert hall permanent scenery. We had time for a snack of Kaiser Schmarr'n, the cut refried pancake dessert with applesauce that Franzeska is so fond of, then we were on the Romantische Strasse headed for Rothenburg ob der Tauber...

Britta & Castle Neuschwanstein - October 2006

We saw lots of pretty Bavarian countryside scenery, but mostly through drizzle and rain! Talk about luck for our morning at the castle! I snapped a quick shot of Schloss Harburg out the windshield as we drove by, but even though we tried stopping at Augsburg but could never find the city center, we just drove straight through to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. We were confused by the road signs at all the city wall gates that looked to say "no entry" but after a phonecall to the hotel, we were supposed to drive over the cobblestones into the city center straight to our hotel. What an absolutely cute medieval town! Hopefully the rain will subside for even better photos tomorrow. Hotel Gotisches Haus is awesome! Too bad we're only staying one night! We are in the very top room, which meant lugging my suitcase up a spiral staircase after 3 floors on the elevator, but we have a view of the town center on one side, then there's a little breakfast patio across the staircase from our room with a view of mist this evening, but the southern countryside if clear I'm sure. There is a giant bathtub with double sinks in a bathroom larger than both of mine put together, and the separate toilet room has this view even! Andy said it was the nicest room he's ever stayed in for any vacations! Yes, I went a bit photo-crazy with details & such, but this is my kind of place! :)

We headed out for dinner to the one place listed in Andy's guidebook, "Zur Höll" = To Hell. It was delicious and a very cute little medieval tavern "Mittelaltiche Trinkstrube." They have a little red devil theme of course, and even a special "devil's spear" skewered meat dish that Andy got. We shared a bottle of local Riesling called Tauber Edition, and it was excellent. The young wine soup was so good we both wanted to pick up the bowls to slurp every last drop! After thoroughly enjoying our meal, we came back, found some weather forecasts - still dubious so who knows - then got to sleep at a decent hour, with me catching up on photos & at least writing posts even though no Internet access with my own computer available yet.

Andy & Britta at "Zur Höll" in Rothenburg ob der Tauber - October 2006

(full Day 6 photos start here)

Hopefully tomorrow the rain will have washed away the haze from our nice view and we can enjoy Rothenburg some more. We have to get all the way to Koblenz by the evening, so it will another full day. I look forward to breakfast in the stone arches of the Hotel Gotisches Haus restaurant! ;)


Yes we did make it to Koblenz already. Thank goodness our hotel confirmation had directions listed from the freeway, since we found our hotel Trierer Hof without any trouble, checking in by around 6pm. I promptly found the ethernet port since it was advertised "an Internet data port in every room" but it wasn't working. I asked the receptionist if there were any instructions for the Internet port and she said "you must dial 0 first." Um, this isn't a modem, but direct Ethernet that my cable fit into...but all she could say was "well everyone else has made it work by dialing 0." Someone please tell me how to "dial 0 for ethernet!" after dinner we found a McDonald's with a T-Mobile HotSpot that closes at 1am plus we need to be ready for Castle Day along the Rhine tomorrow, so not enough time to tell you about how cute our day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber was with photos right now. Until next time!
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