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Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Koblenz - Day 7

As already exhorted before, our hotel was completely my style, lobby restaurant and everything, so I had to have my breakfast sitting under one of the stone arches! After a couple more photos of the view from our top-floor room, we checked out, loaded the car & toured the town thoroughly. We were a bit early for the first Meistertrunk puppet show at the town clock in the Marktplatz, so we bought some grapes at a fresh fruit stand for driving snacks later, then strolled around to come back in time...where we found the square packed with Japanese tourists! haha... The legend is that the town was under siege & had to surrender, but the general was softened by the local wine being so tasty, so he offered the town their freedom if someone could down 6 pints of the same wine in a single drink...hence "master drink"! They re-enact the story every year around Pentecost, plus it's memorialized in their town clock...nothing like Munich's Marienplatz display, since this just has the general on one side who turns to look at the other, the guy lifts the mug, then puts it back down...the end!

After a bit of souvenir shopping for me, we found the access to get up to walk on the town wall, so we saw a good bit of the town from up there (look teal shutters on this house! heh), including the famous old blacksmith's shop which is very cute with its steep curvy roof. We came back down into the town to see the Kriminalmuseum, which has a wide variety of historical legal & court paraphernalia, plus torture devices and equipment, including real chastity belts, shame masks, an iron maiden, and even a shame flute that musicians were forced to wear in public as punishment for playing badly! haha...

We found the other edge of the town wall which had a very nice view (so that's where all the Japanese tourists went!), then we had the town delicacy Schneeballen ("snowballs") which are just fried pastry strips made into balls. Even harder to eat than krumkake I swear! We absolutely had to take photos of the "drive-thru church" since we had driven under it on the way to our hotel & were amazed we were driving UNDER a big stone church! I thought the drive-thru churches were in Las Vegas! ;) We found another bit of wall to walk around the part of the town we hadn't seen yet, then it was back to the car & on the road to Koblenz, bidding a heartfelt goodbye to adorable little Rothenburg ob der Tauber!

Britta eating a Schneeballe in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

It was a long day of driving to Koblenz for me, but since we got the iTrip working with the iPod (boy do they have a TON of broadcast stations here, all with not enough reception to listen to but enough not to work with the iTrip!), I was fine rocking out to my obscure pop tunes while cruising down the various autobahns, stuck behind REALLY slow trucks, and leaning forward trying to get the darn Ford Focus to accelerate to be able to pass other cars & trucks on rural roads! We got into Koblenz & found our hotel by 6pm, discovered that they must use RJ45 for standard phone lines here, since the "dial 0" for the "internet data port" doesn't make sense any other way, then left to find dinner. We strolled around the Altstadt (old city) looking for a place to eat, finding Weinhaus Hubertus, est. 1689, refurbished 1921, a pub-style traditional German eatery. I had herring salad, sausage salad, potato salad & hard boiled eggs with even the tiniest bit of caviar while Andy had Schnitzel Wiener Art. Very tasty! On our stroll back to the hotel we went the long way looking for either Starbucks or McDonald's that might have wireless I could use...lo & behold, McD's had a T-Mobile HotSpot sticker in the window! Needless to say we went back later since they didn't close until 1am...

Liebfrauenkirche in Koblenz at night

(full Day 7 photos start at the bottom here)

After the marathon wifi session at McDonald's (8 EUR for 1 hr of slower than molasses wifi which is why not all photos got posted, and it would not let me sign up for a monthly subscription account - lame!) that was it for our first night in Koblenz. Castle Day "Schlosstage" is next! :D
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