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From Koblenz to Nürnberg via Rüdesheim - Day 9

(FYI, photos are still uploading while I finally get some sleep...apologies for broken links but just be patient please! :)

Packed, breakfasted & checked out, we drove across the Rhine from Koblenz to find the view Kevin S. had recommended up at the old fortress. We got there up to the top to see the view & even got a timer photo, then back on our way down the Rhine again, cutting over the hills at Boppard to take the autobahn route to Mainz so we could get across the Rhine to Rüdesheim am Rhein for the touristy Riesling wine tasting. We stopped at a nice viewpoint at the top of the hills to see the big bend in the Rhine river, then got to Rüdesheim by around 1pm ready for lunch. We found the touristy street, Rüdesheim's Diagon Alley, crammed with people! I had seen so many signs for "Federweisser mit Zwiebelküchen" that I wanted to try some, but so many of the Weingartens had such horrid piped in music, we kept walking. We finally found one that had a nice fountain under the grape arbors, and a live oompah band, which was much better than the others. I think I already have too much alcohol coming back but I would love to bring back a bottle of Federweisser! It's "young wine" so quite harsh alcohol taste, but very fruity & opaque, and I can't say I've ever seen it for sale in the USA.

After lunch we found a cool archway to a cellar advertising free wine tasting in all sorts of languages, so we went in. A very sweet Japanese woman let us taste 3 local Rieslings and a Riesling eiswein (SO yummy - it was 60EUR per bottle!), and I bought a bottle of the Riesling I liked best...I had to since that was one of the reasons I wanted to go there, for local wine! :) Now watch I'll find that label at Trader Joe's when I get back...heh...

Britta with the Riesling wine tasting girls in Rüdesheim

Around 3pm we left Rüdesheim on our way for Nürnberg. We had thought of trying an alternate route to see some different scenery, but we thought we were rather late already, but we got stuck in construction & rush hour traffic anyway. We have actually each driven in a couple of the few sections of various autobahns that have no speed limit, but either the traffic is too heavy, or the lame Ford Focus that has no engine to speak of doesn't let us really take advantage of those sections! ;)

We made it to Nürnberg around 7ish, got into our hotel with the lilac room but has free unlimited wifi in the rooms - woohoo! I left my laptop uploading images from the past couple days while we went out in search of dinner. The hotel receptionist had recommended a local place vs. the touristy place, but it was crammed to the gills with no way we'd ever get in, so we gave up & went to the touristy place Zum Gulden Stern, which was still quite tasty. It calls itself the "oldest Bratwurst house in the world" and the Bratwurst was tasty, the potato salad & sauerkraut too, and even the apfelstrudel for dessert, along with my Radler yet again. We were seated right by the kitchen, where the Asian cook was grilling the sausages, and the place was decorated with all sorts of old kitchenwares everywhere on the walls.

After dinner we strolled around the city, with me having way too much fun with the full moon and the clouds with my camera...quite some spooky shots! Is that a wormhole in the sky or the Ghostbusters finale? haha...we made it across the river & all the way up to Kaiserburg Castle, then back down to our hotel around 11:30 or so. Andy has caught a cold now and I'm in the final stages of mine, so we're trying to treat ourselves well so we don't tire out too fast. I'm taking full advantage of the free hotel wifi in the rooms to upload photos...not only to show you all, but also my insurance policy against something happening to my laptop with all my latest photos you see... ;)

Fun with the Full Moon in Nürnberg

(full Day 9 photos start at the bottom here)

Tomorrow we'll see the city in daylight, then we need to get on the road to Munich to the airport, hopefully with enough time for an hour at Dachau if we can manage it in time to make our flight, leaving Germany behind for this trip. Until next time!

P.S. At the Tourist Information office in Rüdesheim there was a pamphlet (all in German) for a Hildegard von Bingen museum, but much too late for us to backtrack to Bingen to go...darn!
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