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Bath & Newbury - Day 11

Andy & I slept in a little more than the past week, enjoying our separate rooms for once, scrounged up some bread & tea for breakfast, then hit the road in his MX-5 (Miata) convertible headed for lunch in Bath with Nick, who since the choir tour has moved from London to Bristol and now works in Bath for ACFEA. Nick was literally covered in mud, since he had been riding through Somerset the day before & camped with friends in a pub garden & hadn't yet been home! heh... The three of us had a nice chat over beef & Yorkshire pudding in a pub off the tourist strip, then he headed home while Andy & went to the Roman Baths. I had visited in March 1999, but I thought they were plenty interesting to see again, and Andy had never seen inside the ruins, so that was cool to see, and we even got a photo of course...might as well when there are so many obliging tourists around! ;) We tasted the "healing" Bath waters at the fountain up in the fancy Victorian restaurant, which tasted even worse being lukewarm, so Andy wouldn't take more than one grimacing sip, while I said it was only a little bit worse then Davis or San Jose tap water...haha!

After the Roman baths, we strolled the city, seeing Gay Street - had to take a photo for all my friends back home of course! - the Circus, and the Royal Crescent, famous architecture in Bath. We stopped in a Waitrose just before it closed to grab some groceries for Monday, Friday & Saturday, then with our bags had a quick tour of the inside of Bath Abbey church, where we could hear the pipe organ since someone was!

Andy & Britta at the Roman Baths in Bath, UK

We bundled up for my first British MX-5 top-down ride, since it was already 5:30pm with clouds, wind & the sun going much fun! Since we were going back the A4 vs. the M4 freeway, Andy was pointing out various villages & towns along the way with other sights, including the Cheathill White Horse chalk design. (I had been to the Uffington White Horse back when I lived in Didcot). Then Andy mentioned we were really close to Avebury, the "alternate" Stonehenge and would I like to see it even though it was getting dark. I jumped at the chance, since even though I had been there 10 years ago on my very first trip to the UK, I hadn't been back, and it would be fun especially if I could remember my photo well enough to find the same rock...haha! Well I did find the same rock, but due to limitations of camera positions in the extremely low light, the angle is not quite the same as back then...I also forgot my pose from 10 years ago...doh!

Britta at Avebury 10 years later!

(full Day 11 photos start here)

We had a nice dinner at the new Ask Italian restaurant in Newbury, then back to Andy's house. Tomorrow we fly to Ireland in the early afternoon, so maybe a stop in Winchester on the way if there's time. Until next time...which might not be until Wednesday with the free wifi in Killarney! ;)
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