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Usually Mondays aren't quite THIS bad...*sigh*

Since I'm pretty bummed today, I need to publicly count some blessings to put things into perspective...

1) Kylie the Kitty let me sleep in both Saturday & Sunday and she is usually very sweet...

Unfortunately she was a real bitch this morning waking me up before daylight and I couldn't get back to sleep, hence some of the grumpiness today...

2) Thank goodness I own two cars!

Why? The Briata spontaneously decided not to start this morning! All I know so far is it's not a dead battery and that it worked fine on Saturday when I washed it by hand... :(

3) Thank goodness I randomly decided to drive the Honda yesterday & fill it with gas!

Why? See #2 above.

4) Usually the drive up 280 and across 92 takes me 35 minutes to get to work.

Today however, as I was already late from transferring everything to a functioning vehicle, the 92 offramp was backed up farther than I've ever seen it before...

5) I have wonderful & supportive friends.

Said friends are trying to refer me to new home mortgage possibilities after I got the news today that I only got approved for a counter-offer based on "insufficient income"...said counter-offer is nowhere near enough to buy anything non-condo in the Santa Clara-Sunnyvale-Redwood City areas. The worst was first thinking something might actually be possible thanks to some recent stock sales, then hopes getting dashed by online research, only to have the hopes lifted again by the loan rep, only to have them dashed again by the underwriter reply this morning...getting jerked around emotionally is no fun, and at least for me, trying to buy my first home is quite an emotional thing...tied in with all sorts of grown-up accomplishment-type issues that I already have problems with not being married or with kids either...

That's all I'll go into here...some complaints just aren't meant for public airing so I won't inflict them on anyone here... :)

At least I have the "Swellegant Picnic" kickoff event for The Choral Project's new season tonight, so that should be fun and definitely yummy...and I got my purple satin opera length gloves today from an online purchase I only made late Thursday evening, and they will be perfect for the Jessica Rabbit costume I'm planning for Halloween, at less than half the cost of the only local costume shop that stocked any! So, there ya go... :)

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