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Tipperary, Limerick & Goodbye Ireland! - Day 15

It's a long way to Tipperary...when you have to go to Cork first! ;)

After the blustery weather the night before, we were greeted with a nice sunrise through the clouds over the lake & castle from our room...beautiful! We had another hot Irish breakfast, buffet style this time, complete with black pudding & white pudding, rashers, eggs, sausage & this time finally Irish porridge too..yummy! :-9 We checked out by 10am & quickly took a couple more photos of the lake & castle, including a timer shot of us by the castle. We drove into Killarney town where I bought more postcards & souvenirs at the tourist center, then we went to Ross Castle for a quick look before we headed out of town, since we knew we had a long day of driving ahead of us, longer than we originally planned...

If you read my last entry, you saw that Andy forgot his mobile phone back at Ballymakeigh House, so we had to drive back to Killeigh outside Cork to get it before we flew back! So, we didn't exactly backtrack, since we took larger roads directly through the center of Ireland, reaching Killeigh by about 1pm, successfully getting his phone back, and finally meeting Margaret the hostess of the house, so we had a quick chat with her & took advantage of her toilets before we left. ;) Since our flight wasn't until 8:40pm, we were aiming to be at the airport by 7pm to turn in the rental car & check in, so Andy who has driven in Ireland before agreed we had the time to make our path back to Dublin go through Tipperary & Limerick...yay! We didn't have time to stop for as many photos, and I was driving, so Andy was taking photos from the car window for me, as we drove around the Galty Mountains that Andy & his brother have climbed...except when we got to Tipperary, I had to stop the car & take a photo of Curves! hahahaha! I had no idea Curves had expanded into Ireland! We had seen one in Dublin already, and now in the tiny town of Tipperary! Since Andy didn't want to turn around so I could get a photo of the "Welcome To Tipperary - You've Come a Long Way!" sign, and we didn't see one on the way out of town, I did find a nice old-style signpost with directions to Tipperary & Limerick...very cool!

I have to say that the town centers themselves in Ireland aren't nearly as picturesque as I expected, but granted they are not weathly areas, and the towns are fairly recent in the scheme of things, especially after seeing such cute medieval towns in Germany as Rothenburg & Nürnberg. I'm sure if we had researched other parts of the town areas to see we would have had more reason to stop, and the countryside is still beautiful everywhere we drove! Tipperary was not much to see as we drove through town, and even when we got to Limerick, it wasn't much to see until we found St Mary's Cathedral, the oldest church in Limerick. We also found King John's Castle around the corner, so took some quick photos across the river too, then struggled in traffic to get out of town back to Dublin. We were both getting nervous when we got stopped for a LONG time for roadworks about 5pm along the N7 to Andy said "The Irish always seem to be digging something!" Seriously, they were! We finally kept moving, stopping at a tiny town I can't remember for store sandwiches & fruit we could eat in the car & at the airport, scrounging our Euros for the toll on the M50 ring road around Dublin, making it to the airport just about 7:30pm...where they had been digging again, with orange temporary signs leading us in a maze for Hire Car Return...heh...we made it, luckily no line at all at FlyBe, checked in, scarfed our last food, & made it through security in plenty of time enough for me to see the Father Ted DVDs for sale (heehee!) & the Hughes & Hughes bookstore (Marc & Dan? heh)... :)

Britta & Andy at the Lake Hotel castle in Killarney

(full Day 15 photos start at the bottom here)

Our evening in London on Friday the 13th is next...!
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