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Lucky Friday the 13th! - Day 16

We were so tired after our traveling back from Ireland, we slept in a little, waking to foggy weather, so while waiting to see if the fog would burn off, we had breakfast, I uploaded & organized some more Ireland photos (~15000 photos in iPhoto on a 3yr old computer is getting REALLY annoying sometimes!), then looked up the train schedules so we could plan our evening out in London. I really REALLY wanted a pint of Addlestones cider at the Windsor Castle Pub in Notting Hill, since we haven't found it or other scrumpy anywhere else yet, and we'd have to catch the train at 10:30 from Paddington back to Newbury, so we decided to leave Newbury around 4pm, which meant a 45-minute walk to the station. The sun had come out so with the long walk, I didn't even need my jacket!

We never had lunch, and when we got to the Windsor Castle at 5:30 they weren't serving food until 6pm (darn!) so we each had a packet of crisps (chips) with our pint of cider. Andy agreed Addlestones is excellent cider! We had been warned by Melanie & the webpage she found that Ben Crouch's is always packed, so to get there as early as we could, but since I had mentioned I've been to London 3 times since I've read Harry Potter & still never been to King's Cross, Andy insisted we take the Circle Line around to the station just so I could see it since I was so we did! I am pushing my trolley through the wall... ;)

Britta at Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station, London

Ben Crouch's Tavern - my kind of place! :D

We made it to Oxford Circus in good time...honestly, I didn't want to jinx us by saying anything until we'd actually made it onto our train back to Newbury, but this was "lucky" Friday the 13th for us, since each time we got off one train & made it through the station to the right platform, our next train was right there, ready for us to walk on & leave! I've never had such good luck on the Underground! We found the pub without any trouble, on Wells St off Oxford St, then as we wandered inside looking for a place to sit, since it was packed, a table freed up just as we walked up...lucky again! We sorely needed food, so we looked at the dinner menu first, which was nothing special but perfectly edible...and mine even came on a spiderweb plate! haha! Of course I took a LOT of photos of the decor, which has a lot of the old bottle setups I dream of doing for my Mad Scientist display for Halloween. One day I'll get there! I ran a tab at the bar, since I knew I wanted to try the test tube drinks & the 7 Deadly Sins cocktails they had advertised...hey I wasn't driving & unfortunately I can hold my alcohol much too well for my wallet's sake. ;) Andy can't drink as much as me, so I drank about two cocktails to his one pint of cider, then we each tried all the Addam's Family test tubes by the end of the evening (each isn't even a full shot's worth - and yes, I saved all the test tubes with stoppers for Halloween prop use!), and between the 2 of us we had covered all seven sins...I had a taste of Andy's Sloth but since it had Kahlua AND Baileys, I knew I wouldn't order a full drink! Hey, of all the 7 sins, Sloth is the one of which I've never been guilty anyway! ;) I had all 6 others, though...hehe! We had Envy last, since with the chocolate, cream & mint it was more like a dessert anyway...yum!

Andy & Britta with test tube cocktails at Ben Crouch's Tavern, London

(full Day 16 photos start here - fair warning LOTS of Ben Crouch's Tavern!)

We made it back on the tube to Paddington Station again with no trouble, sitting on the train to Newbury opposite an older Irish woman who now lives outside Nürnberg with her German husband, so how's that for serendipity about where we've just traveled! We chatted so much we had to make sure to pay attention that she wouldn't miss her stop!

It's now Saturday, my last day here, and the fog is still hanging around, so I'm catching up on updating on the chance it will clear up a bit more for a day of MX5 top-down driving to the local castle ruins & wherever else we find, then tomorrow bright & early Andy will drive me to Heathrow for my LONG flight back! Hopefully one more quick post tonight to cover today's outing, then it's back home...thanks for reading! :)
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