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Halloween progress!

I'm finally getting caught up enough from being away so long that I can post some Halloween 2006 updates!

I'm wondering how much party progress detail I should post, since now I have more & more local readers who are party guests, so if I post too much, they won't be surprised when they show up to the party. Also if I have grand plans that don't end up working out, I don't want them disappointed. We'll see how it goes, since I've already heard from several people I only know from online "how come no Halloween blog updates from this year yet?" so I don't want to disappoint them either!

Some of my Halloween recipes will be published in Tucson, AZ, and Bristol, UK in local papers or magazines, and I have been promised tearsheets from each to see for myself. :) I almost got included in a karaoke book for the UK this summer, but I was so swamped at work it was too late when I finally could reply.

I have successfully replied to 60 Halloween help requests so far since August, even while on vacation! Gotta find a way to make consultant fees off of all that time spent! ;) Of course the real time suck is all the emails that come in the last couple weeks before Halloween, so that will come pretty soon. I'm noticing a frequency uptick even just today during the day!

I have a working draft of my own party book "Eerie Elegance" that so far I've spent many hours writing this summer (boy, when I get on a roll, I either remember other ideas I've done before or have even MORE related ideas!), but it's on hiatus right now for the sake of this year's party. I am hoping to get more good photos of me doing party prep this year, especially for inclusion in my book, but since I always end up working on party prep into the wee hours, it's hard to have other people take photos of me. I might set up the tripod & timer just to see what I can get. Of course that also means I have to look presentable while baking - always a challenge! ;) The big question is whether to self-publish or try to shop an outline & an example section to a publisher. I'm still up in the air about that, since I like the full-control idea of self-publishing, but supposedly there's more financial potential from working with a real publisher who would do the distribution for me. Of course, I could get really lucky & someone could see my self-published book & want to offer me a deal...hey it worked for the kid who wrote Eragon! ;)

Now on to the immediate Halloween party progress, in roughly chronological order so far...not much executed yet, but I'm getting there...some of this was done before I left on my trip of course but had to be done for the party's sake!

  • Name That Tune quiz finalized, with clips edited & organized in iTunes
  • brick patio & walkway completed!
  • house relatively CLEAN - amazing! (You probably don't realize how much this will really help the final crunch next week!)
  • foam stone walls have been recycled from previous house sliding door use to current house screened patio use
  • extra foam stone wall carved to match with the other two
  • all foam stone walls painted to match house wall color (thanks mrmouse!) but not yet aged
  • shed foam facade has been rough cut, need to cut doors, finalize structure, carve & paint still (scheduled for Sunday!)
  • found the brand new fountain pump, found correct size PVC pipe for skull funnel spine, still need to test how this can work in the big cauldron, then will sanitize everything religiously! (The vodka & rum in the blood-red punch will help protect against any possible leftover wee beasties anyway!)
  • purchased & configured new wifi webcam
  • configured both webcams for party use (not in final locations yet)
  • wrote new webcam broadcast webpage (since 2 different webcams now, can't use HTML frames anymore)
  • updated Halloween index with this year's party info
  • living room wall finished spackling but living room will stay white walls and I don't have any flagstone gossamer left for this house - be prepared for no stone walls! :(
  • most of the party groceries purchased (I didn't even have eggs when I got back from my trip!)
  • (stiill need the fresh fruit & veggies next week)
  • fresh pumpkin roasted to make pumpkin pasties filling
  • dough mixed for witches fingers
  • dough mixed for gravestone sugar cookies

    Still SO much to do, as always, and Saturday is a bust because we're in a choir recording session all day...promise me you won't be disappointed in this year's party, please!
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