brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

more Halloween party progress

First, the Tucson paper did run the reported by my mom last night:

My friend Sherril saw your article tonight in the Tucson paper. She called and said "Britta is weird!" They printed the eyeball recipe and the witches fingers and someone else's recipe for toes. Your eyeballs were the teaser on the front page of the paper. Your name is in it, too. She is going to mail the article to me. She got a kick out of seeing it, said it was pretty creepy stuff. hahaha.

Heehee! :D

More party prep progress since Monday night, after choir rehearsal of course...
  • altered Melanie's costume to fit her - the chains were too long
  • tested out my own costume for hair & jewelry options - I am a Vintage Vampire in a teal corduroy Renaissance-style dress
  • purchased costume adhesive specifically for fitted fangs - hope it works!
  • spray paint & hose aging technique done on screened patio walls, chapel walls & bell tower
  • backyard mostly cleaned up for party ready
  • got out decorations I plan to use this year (gotta change things around to keep people on their toes!)
  • setup yard power extensions & "Disneyland spooky" lighting in backyard
  • hands setup in the hedge (I'll leave this as a surprise vs. more description...heehee!)
  • more tests for where to put inside webcam - think I found a good spot that can easily be turned for living room vs. kitchen, but the wifi cam doesn't have a tripod mount fitting - argh!
  • 4 dozen gravestone cookies iced & lettered in Old English style
  • about 7 dozen Awful Arachnids (royal icing spiders)
  • with louienet's help, got the wifi cam to spit out image captures on a schedule via a cron job - the motion detection trigger setup stopped working this week, so I would have had to click a web button every hour during the party to get it to save otherwise! :P

So all the advance food is ready, the gelatin making starts tonight, gelatin decorating & fresh food prep tomorrow & Saturday during the day, with finishing some last props, decorating & cleaning inbetween! Wish me luck!
Tags: halloween, parties

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