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getting back to the garden

It's been awhile for any gardening updates! Last update was finishing the brick patio & walkway, then I promptly went on vacation & had my annual Halloween now that Halloween is over, even though I'm still putting decorations away, it's time to get back to work. :)

First I have yet another fruit discovery in my yard! Right as I left on vacation, the yellow fuzzy apple thing I'd been watching develop was discovered to be a quince, so since I was afraid they might go bad before I got back, I picked all but one or two & put them in my extra fridge, hoping they'd last. When I got back from vacation & saw my yard in daylight, by the shed there were a TON of small oval green fruit under the blue-green-leafed tree next to the shed! I picked up a couple, cut one open & had a taste. Yummy, a bit tropical & I didn't get sick...sounds promising! ;) I took a photo of my hand holding one of the largest ones by the tree to show the leaves, (I had forgotten to take a photo of the inside but remembered it was yellow but kind of tomato-looking), but between my mom & I one day using Google & Wikipedia, we discovered it is a pineapple guava tree, with tasty fruit very high in vitamin C! Extra bonus is the recommended harvesting method is "let the fruit fall from the tree when they are ripe"...nice & easy! The entire insides are edible which means they're MUCH easier to deal with than the loquats with those giant seeds. So, now I have a loquat tree for May-June harvest, quince for September, and pineapple guava for October-November! I had made some loquat jam back in July, and the spiced loquat jam has been quite popular in the baked pastry brie, so I decided to try making more preserves last night, both quince & pineapple guava...see the separate posts for how those went...

Pineapple guava in front of the tree

As for yardwork, I had bought bulbs for full-size & mini-daffodils (tete-a-tete) before Labor Day when I saw them for sale, so my mission was not only random yardwork that had been neglected like weeding, but to get my bulbs planted, which requires planning for where they would look the best, plus how they will multiply for future years. My mom had brought me grape hyacinth bulbs too, since those multiply so quickly she was thinning some out in their yard. I really wanted to put bulbs in my brick planter under my front window, but I only discovered last spring after the rain stopped that the sprinklers don't reach, so I had to put in irrigation before bothering to plant anything in there...which is why it stayed empty all summer for sake of other projects taking priority.

General Garden Update:

    (in midst of Halloween prep)
  • installed old window blind as shed "door"
  • planted jasmine out front by chimney
  • planted both flame grape vines & white potato vines on both arbors
  • weeded back seating corner of bermuda grass (ugh!)
  • weeded front stepping stones walkway
  • rearranged pots to look better
  • "built" dry brick stack to hide sprinkler valves by new arbor bench - square terracotta tile on top makes it into a plant stand! ;) (sorry the photo sucks, I'll need to take a specific one!)

    (since Halloween)
  • picked a TON of pineapple guava off the ground
  • trimmed grass at edge of new brick - not flush enough yet for the mower to handle all
  • mowed both lawns
  • planted ~200 daffodil bulbs front & back
  • planted sprouted red onion between roses (good for aphid protection)
  • hulled 5 lbs of pineapple guava & made preserves
  • chopped 3.5 lbs of quince & made preserves
  • planted bulbs in backyard
  • converted front sprinklerhead to irrigation & installed 4 half-circle mini-sprayers in front brick planter
  • planted bulbs in front yard

Brittahytta from the front - November 2006

In other updates, not gardening but just annoying, I had to dismantle the Briata trunk panel to access the rear brake light to get a new one, but at least the dead headlight was easy to replace, and thankfully both parts were in stock at Kragen. I also even saw friends this weekend! One group saw Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D (AWESOME!) on Saturday night, and another group did a 5K charity walk at Stanford Sunday morning with Hobees brunch afterwards..hooray for sweet potato hash browns! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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