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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Almost ready!
If you don't already know, I'm leaving in two days for our UK tour with The Choral Project, hence the "anxious" current mood!

I am going to try my best to leave quick updates here any chance of internet access I get, so check back here to see what's going on!

Here's the basic itinerary:

June 27th: leave San Francisco International Airport
June 28th: arrive at Heathrow & immediately fly to Edinburgh
June 29th: lunchtime recital in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
June 30th: concert in St Mary's Church, Edinburgh
July 1st: leave by bus for Raven Hall Country House, Ravenscar
July 2nd: bus to York, concert in Doncaster Parish Church, York area
July 3rd: concert in St Denys Church, York area
July 4th: bus to Chatsworth House and concert in Baslow Parish Church on the way to Lincoln
July 5th: in Lincoln
July 6th: lunchtime concert in Lincoln Cathedral
July 7th: bus to Leamington Spa, concert in All Saints Church
July 8th: bus to Stratford-upon-Avon, bus to Llangollen
July 9th: 11:30am Mixed Choir Competition begins!
July 10th: bus to Snowdonia (mountains), 7:30pm Prize Winners Concert (hopefully us!)
July 11th: leave by bus for Oxford, after dinner, leave by bus for Havant
July 12th: Concert in St Faith's Church, Hayling Island/Havant
July 13th: leave by bus for London, farewell dinner
July 14th: leave Heathrow and fly back to San Francisco!

Now back to packing! :)

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Gonna miss you!

18 days seems like a long time to be without my Choral Project pals. I'll be thinking of you guys every day and rooting for TCP to take home the BIG PRIZE! Looking forward to hearing all about the trip. Glad you'll be cataloging it while you're there.

So Long! Farewell!

Have a great time. We'll be checking brittadotcom to see how the trip progresses.
love, Mom and Dad

Hey, I'll fess up, I've had a blog on here for a while. Sounds like you have a wonderful adventure afoot. :-)

Have a great time!

Wow, what a tight schedule. Don't forget to have fun because that's what really matters!

Have a great trip,

my goodness, you're going to be busy! but it sounds wonderful! have a fantastic time! :-)

PLEASE, i want a postcard!

hey, now i know why you asked for my address - i'm too late! send to me at: 151 hilgard hall, ucb, berkeley ca 94720. have a fantastic time! go scotland! ~amy

Don't think I need to tell you that I'm really envious. But what a neat idea to help homeward-bound low-lifes like me leech off your adventures. Have a great trip!!


P.S. Don't think our tree will have any peaches by the time you get back, though. They're ripening like wildfire right now. Oh well....

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