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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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chilled to the bone
australia, ocean
So much for holiday baking starting last night! Since it was finally getting so cold, scheduled to freeze last night in the Bay Area, I tried turning on my furnace but nothing happened! It worked fine all last winter, but I haven't used it since March or so. When he was turning my gas back on when I moved in last year, I remember the PG&E guy specifically saying "you won't have to worry about a pilot light since it's electronic ignition" but it's not kicking on, even after flipping every circuit one by one on my breaker & the two unidentified switches near the furnace itself. It probably just finally died, since it was installed November 1975, so 31 years is well past standard furnace age I'm told... Thank goodness my home warranty doesn't expire until Dec 9th, but they can't come investigate until Monday morning! This really sucks for the weekend because my parents are staying Saturday night to go to the Chateau Julien concert on Sunday, so we'll all be cold together! :( I was fine sleeping under my down comforter last night, but my nose was ice and even Kylie was refusing to leave the toasty warm bed this morning...ugh!