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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
Oh my gosh...it was just a thermostat setting! I didn't even see the thermostat had switches underneath it for Cool - Off - Heat (like it cools anything! no AC in this house :P )...and somehow even though I never touched it since I never knew it existed, it had gotten switched to Off...so now the heater is going, verified hot air coming out of the vents...I blame not being able to see it on my height, which is also probably why my dad didn't notice it this weekend, too...I have to lean down to see the switches, and I didn't even see or feel them when I took the whole thermostat cover off last week...$45 & a week of freezing for nothing! Oh well...

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Oh man... that's laughably horrible!

I was paranoid during the whole dryer saga when I moved into this duplex that it would end up being my stupidity, but after it was all over I just couldn't have solved that on my own. Neither was the problem with my furnace; In that case my thermostat really was dead. They put in a cheap model that doesn't have an accurate correlation to displayed temp setting and actual heat output, but whatever; it heats and I can turn it off completely when I want to.

Ha, I knew there had to be some advantage to being short! :O

Glad it's fixed and wasn't something really huge.

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