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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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the new year so far...
australia, ocean

Christmas was fun with all 16 of the Clouston Clan there for Christmas Day, and 15 for Christmas Eve, including 4 boys & 4 dogs...Christmas without chaos isn't any fun in my book and my mom agrees... :) I stayed a few days after Christmas to play historical videographer for my grandmother, since we had seen a family history multimedia project in the paper, and my grandma wants to do one. I heard lots of stories from her I've never heard before, and filled up about 2 hrs of footage...hope I can edit it into a nice flow by next Christmas!

A couple parties closed December, and not only was I counting down the year, but also counting down if I really did NOT get sick this December! I swear there have only been 2 times in the past 15 or 20 years I have NOT gotten sick at least once in December, so it was very nice to be able to sing properly for my many gigs this season. :)

New Year's Eve also brought my first gallon of home-brewed cider to the party...where the jug came back empty so I consider that a rousing success! It's not my beloved Addlestones yet, but close, and infinitely better than Strongbow or Blackthorn. More to come from Brittahytta Brewery in its own full post later...

I also got Google AdSense finally running on Britta Blvd, only on my Halloween Recipes page so far, but for the month of January I've already earned $1.19...not bad for non-Halloween season...and who is searching on Halloween Recipes at this time of year? Not that I'm complaining! I've optimized all the new recipe photos I want to use & made the plan for the Halloween Recipes page update (finally! shamefully the last update was in 2000!), but I've already gotten sidetracked by taking my Christmas decorations down, cleaning up my house, bottling homebrewed cider, and making an elaborate cake creation for Melanie's 30th birthday this coming weekend...

As for resolutions, except that I gained my vacation windfall 5 lbs back over the holidays so I'm trying to count points again, I keep working on trying to be happy by myself, regardless of what seems to be happening around me. I guess I just need to become accustomed again to not having close friends I could talk to about anything under the sun, like most of my life has been. I always have lots of good friends, just not ones I can really talk to about absolutely anything. Unfortunately the past few years I've gotten used to having a couple of those kind of friends, so it's feeling like a loss to me. I haven't figured any of that out yet, but as long as I keep my happiest face in public, that's something, and hopefully eventually things will be better...

Hope everyone is having a good new year so far!

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I'm glad to hear that your holidays were a smash, and that your cider was successful.

I'm sad to hear that for whatever reason, you lost some seemingly key confidant-friends.

Hopefully, you'll find new compadres to confide in. That, or bottle it all up, become an evil genius, and rule the world! The cool part about this is that you could design and construct your evil genius lair under Brittahytta. Then you would also have to mount a laser gun on Kylie's forehead and make her your most feared attack-beast.

Thanks! As soon as I get my label designed & executed, there will be a full Brittahytta Brewery post! I hope the next batches come out as well as the first did...yum! I'm also going to try bottling my butterbeer recipe in hopes the fizz will stay now that I have real botting equipment...heehee...

I keep hoping that the friends thing is only my perception somehow, but it's a perception that's hung on consistently for over 2 months, and inklings even before then, so I'm just trying to get over it like I said...maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised now that the holidays are over...if not, then there's nothing I can do about it anyway...

Aside from the fact that I'm not nearly evil enough, I think the earthquake frequency & crappy Santa Clara clay soil - that has already altered my foundation in the past 50 years - will prevent me from constructing any lair below, evil or otherwise...that will probably have to wait until I can actually build Castle Britta! And attention-slut-pet-me-and-I'm-your-friend-forever Kylie as an attack beast? Against rogue iPods perhaps! ;)

Mutant sea bass however...hmm...

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