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the Force of Entropy has struck her biggest blow yet... :(

For those of you who don't know, because of her unrelenting tendencies to eliminate order wherever possible, knocking over CDs, pulling books out of bookshelves, clearing tables on a whim, for years I have nicknamed Kylie the Kitty "the Force of Entropy Embodied." Last night, Kylie decided to bat my iPod off the table, where it landed smack on the tile floor. I tried turning it on, heard a nasty pop from inside, then horrible ugly grinding noises. Its disk is now dead and I have no iPod, let alone a pretty hand-painted teal 3G one that works with the accessories I have. ARGH! This is the most expensive thing she's ever broken...and don't even try to tell me "get an iPhone"...I'm not in the mood, thanks...

Now I'll try to move on from how steam was coming out of my ears last night & have a better day...hope you all do too!
Tags: ipod, kylie

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