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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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the Force of Entropy has struck her biggest blow yet... :(
australia, ocean
For those of you who don't know, because of her unrelenting tendencies to eliminate order wherever possible, knocking over CDs, pulling books out of bookshelves, clearing tables on a whim, for years I have nicknamed Kylie the Kitty "the Force of Entropy Embodied." Last night, Kylie decided to bat my iPod off the table, where it landed smack on the tile floor. I tried turning it on, heard a nasty pop from inside, then horrible ugly grinding noises. Its disk is now dead and I have no iPod, let alone a pretty hand-painted teal 3G one that works with the accessories I have. ARGH! This is the most expensive thing she's ever broken...and don't even try to tell me "get an iPhone"...I'm not in the mood, thanks...

Now I'll try to move on from how steam was coming out of my ears last night & have a better day...hope you all do too!
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oh no! that's awful!!! yikes. can you rush it over to cupertino and see if there's anything at all that can be done? i know how much you loved your ipod b/c of the customisation ... i'm so sorry. {hugs}

kylie, no catnip for you!!!

I already asked my Apple employee crew, and there's no real hope. It comes up with the exclamation point folder meaning it can't find the disk, it's not reachable from my Mac when docked since it's an "unknown" device, and no keys work at all except to turn it on...the only way it turns off is when the battery runs dead. Ironically it still charges when docked & eventually says "OK to Disconnect" but says it's in Disk Mode. I might try prying it open to peek inside if it's a lost cause anyway.

No catnip, her dinner was delayed until bedtime, and she was hiding from me all evening afterwards since she heard me yell! I'd still choose Kylie over any iPod so I'm basically over it...I just really didn't want to buy a new iPod & this one should have lasted longer, so I plan to just go without for awhile...

Oh holy cat gut tennis raquets! That is terrible news. Kylie 1, Technology: 0.

I'm so sorry.

No, I wouldn't tell you to get an iPhone...yet. Maybe next year.

After my cry for help email last night to the Apple employees I know, one of the snarky replies was exactly "get an iPhone," and that was not what I wanted to hear! :P

Yeah, I have never been an early adopter...that virtual keyboard is the big stickler for me since I think that'd be too easy to fat-finger, or at least not be able to go as fast as I can use the keys on my Treo...and definitely not for $500!

I say your snarky Apple employee should not interpret "think different" as tantamount to thinking like an asshat.

Well, at least you can blame the death of your iPod on your kitty! When I first moved, I was charging my iPod, and since I didn't have a flat surface to set it on, it got buried underneath some clothes...I stepped on it...and though it turns on, it's interminably locked....<> I wanted a new one anyway, but <>...

If it charges...

...I would think it would imply that just the HD was toast. There are ways to replace upgrade them, no? (Perhaps the Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club could help – you could have the first teal PhonePod)

If not, perhaps homeowners insurance? Or donate to 'Will It Blend?'


Yes, it's probably just the HD. Louie found a webpage with iPod parts to fix things yourself, but a replacement 3G 40G hard drive is $120 + S&H so to me that's not worth the price. I'll probably eventually get a new one, just not right away.

I'm pretty sure my homeowners insurance deductible is $1000 to save premium, and even if it's $500, even the iPhone barely meets deductible! ;)

Not sure I want to blend it...if I break it open I might be able to at least use pieces for Mad Scientist displays or something... ;)

ugh! Poor Britta, bad Kitty! Sorry there's no hope, the first thing my father told me when I got my iPod was "it won't pass the bounce test". I've lived in fear of dropping it that badly given all the stuff that's on it :(

I hope you figure out an alternative and make it teal.

I am so sorry this happened:(..I think I can understand how you feel though..without my ipod I would be lost too..

I hope she is extra cuddly to make up for it.

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