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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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party weekend!
australia, ocean
This was Melanie's 30th birthday celebration weekend, starting with a cozy & delicious home-hosted dinner on Friday, to which I brought my best elaborate cake creation yet, which was thankfully a big success with the birthday girl & other guests after about 12 hours of work including a 3:30am bedtime before work on Friday, then the partying continued with a bigger crowd at ShineSF Saturday night...

The finished cake at the party!

The birthday girl posing just like her cake - haha!

If you'd like to see more of the cake, including the making of, check out this gallery...and now you can see why my iPod was on the kitchen table out of its case, vulnerable to the Force of Entropy! :P

Britta & Melanie at ShineSF

Sunday I recovered from knowing I had a ride home and being able to pour my own drinks at the club (heh!) by oversleeping through meeting a friend (oops!) so we saw the next showing of Pan's Labyrinth after lunch instead. Good film, but if you're looking for a child's imagination as a fond escape from her tragic real life, it's not for you. Excellent effects, a bit of gratuitous violence that probably wasn't necessary for the story, but worth seeing, subtitles & all. I was able to prune my roses before the daylight completely faded, then I took the evening easy by catching up on email, trying to work on website stuff & watching 24...yes, I did recognize Dr Bashir immediately from just the small B&W dossier photo before we saw him "live"...heehee...

My "case of the Mondays" just got a bit better since I finally ordered my shiny new laptop, due to arrive before the end of next week! 200GB hard drive, 2G RAM, 17" widescreen MacBookPro goodness will soon be in my hands...hooray! :D

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Great Cake! You should X-post it in cake_decorating!

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