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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Scrubs the Musical = AWESOME!
australia, ocean
...and staying on my Tivo FOREVER. That is all. :D

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I missed the first half!! I had to work out and take a shower...I came in on the middle of "Man Love" apparently after J.D. says Turk's been the only man "inside him"! I must see it!! Must, I tell you!

Crap crap crap! I forgot to tape it. I haven't been keeping up with Scrubs lately, even though I love it. They kept messing with when it was on and I lost track. Maybe a viewing party is in order for us slackers (batting eyelashes)?

- R

I was thinking this...it's a question of WHEN! :) Seeing as it's "save until delete" right now, I swear I won't change it. I was thinking if people could make it to Mardi Gras we could take 30 minutes out for a Scrubs Musical viewing...hmmm...

Agreed, this was beyond awesome. Especially the poo song.

Apparently the writers of Avenue Q did much of the music and the "patient" was a member of the original Avenue Q cast.

30 Rock was also hilarious last night. When I saw "KAT.. COUR.. SU..." on Brian William's dressing room wall I just about fell off my couch.

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