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Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Whew! What a week! I have been frantically gathering multimedia for a secret presentation, working on the big scavenger hunt game that has become my baby by default, AND trying to get ready for Mardi Gras since I'm already in Vegas right now, not coming back until Sunday Feb 4th, with my party Saturday the 10th! :-o

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

My company has a Sales & Marketing Kickoff event every year since 2001, and since I wasn't part of Marketing officially until then, I've attended since 2002. The first was in Palm Springs, then 2002 in Vegas but off the strip at a resort, but then the downturn was hitting us, so 2003 was in San Francisco with the "locals" having to drive back & forth after late-night parties & early-morning meeting. 2004 was split coasts to limit travel expenses, but I sang the national anthem in the Giants locker room at PacBell Park...however not on the field - darn! ;) 2005 was in a hotel right near headquarters, which was the same problem for locals like me, so they decided from then on they would have it in a location where everyone would have to travel, so everyone could stay in the same hotel. The partying is team bonding, and as long as people keep some wits about them, you do get to know the people you work with a lot better. Last year was at Squaw Valley, and this year it's Vegas, staying at Mandalay Bay's THEhotel. Since my highschool friend Amanda is a teacher & lives in Vegas, I'm staying the weekend after with her, but my boss's boss is taking our team there early this weekend. The official work event is Monday to Thursday morning.

The Game

Since the race car theme in 2005 led Marketing to send everyone on an Amazing Race game, with tasks like eating chicken feet in "Hong Kong" and "drunken rugby" in "Sydney," it's now a tradition for Marketing to run an elaborate team-building game. Last year was the Winter Olympics, complete with buzzer quiz, snow obstacle course, a food eating race, and even judges scoring the team flags they made. Needless to say, topping the previous year is a lot of pressure, plus my boss's boss is very demanding for quality and likes revising up to the wire, so I've always helped, but been reluctant to volunteer to plan it. This year I was volunteered so there have been 3 of us planning all month. I won't say much yet, but from 3 people brainstorming on a theme to hash out the basics, to me running with it, fleshing it out, writing clues, gathering costumes, this is going to be the best game ever! This is why I haven't been sleeping this week, trying to get everything finished! It's still not all done, since we're expecting to need to revise based on actual layouts, places to be, etc, so the final printouts won't be until right before the game. Since I'm putting my spin on it to make it my version of detailed cool, which everyone on my team has agreed is very cool for this, this has become almost as much work as one of my own parties! Nothing like doing two parties at once, eh? ;) I'm proud enough of this game that I plan on copious photos and a full write-up afterwards...hope it goes well! :)

T'Leo and Mother at Quarks

The highschool friend I'm visiting in Vegas the weekend after the work event is Amanda. The joke was that since my backstory was that T'Leo was Spock's sister, also half-human, and Spock's mother was Amanda Grayson, that Amanda took it upon herself to be T'Leo's mother, complete with signing my yearbook twice each junior & senior year, once as Amanda, and separately to T'Leo from Mother. I had lost track of her since college, but a couple years ago I got an email, completely in character, addressed to T'Leo from Mother. I replied apologizing for breaking character and squeeing AMANDA!!! :D hahaha...

Anyway, I tried to get to Vegas last year to visit her but it didn't work out, but she knows a guy who works as a Ferengi at Star Trek when I asked how geeky I could be, and that a photo with T'Leo and Mother at Quarks might be too good an opportunity to pass up, she replied "you must bring the entire T'Leo outfit!" So, Amanda & I will have an entire afternoon/evening at the Las Vegas Hilton, doing the Star Trek Experience Klingon Encounter, the Borg 4D, the backstage tour, and a meal at Quarks, with me in full First Contact/later DS9 gray-shouldered uniform with black wig & ear tips! Hooray for utter geekness! :)

The hotel room wifi wasn't working when I arrived, and I didn't feel like paying for Wayport at SJC airport, so sorry for the delay in posting...several entries are here at once as catchup...!
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