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in Vegas...

Wifi is $12 per day per laptop per room at THEhotel...boy do we wish we brought an Airport Express along! Oh well...and the authentication server was down when I first arrived, so we couldn't get on then anyway....I swear, I had FREE wifi in Nurnberg, Germany AND Killarney, come Las Vegas has to rip us off? heh ;)

These boots are NOT made for walking :(

Argh! First of all, on Thursday night when I was packing, my videocamera, which worked perfectly fine all through Christmas, decided it was going to drain the battery even while completely off, plus the thumb record button cycled through camera modes vs. actually recording. At least the viewscreen record button still worked, so I took it with me anyway, in my purse with my still camera since I wasn't going to check it in my suitcase. It stayed in my purse all night as we went to one bar, then dinner, then a couple other bars, and somehow by morning everything was still in my purse EXCEPT my videocamera! :( I wasn't even buzzed enough to lose something like that, let alone drunk, but since I wasn't using it, I assumed it was there, and I guess it fell out somehow along the way. It wasn't in lost & found from the bar, and the limo didn't find it either. At least the camera that had photos on it was still around, but I really want to take video on Tuesday for sure & hopefully Monday evening as well. I found a Sony Style store in the Caesar's Palace Forum shops on Saturday, and was milliseconds from buying a replacement since it would use the same batteries, lenses & filters, when I realized it had no mic in jack. Not only that, but NONE of Sony's consumer cameras have mic in anymore - only the professional gigantor models! ARGH! I decided it was nice enough outside & I wanted fresh air that I'd try walking south to Fry's on Las Vegas Blvd, but after walking for 2 miles in boots that are NOT made for walking, I had made it to the diamond Welcome to Las Vegas sign (idiot me didn't even take a photo!), not seeing any trace of Fry's & what looked like only desert further south, so I came back to Mandalay Bay, completing a full 2-hour walk in heels. My feet were not pleased. I caught a ride to Fry's on Sunday with help of transportation, since I was thinking to either find a camera with the features I wanted, or at least use Fry's 30-day return policy so I could use the camera for a couple days then return it. Unfortunately Fry's only had floor models in stock, claiming they haven't shipped them any since before Christmas due to models being discontinued. Load of crap, that's for sure. I'm going to ask Sony Style's return policy sometime today, since I could return it before I left Vegas even. We'll see...

MIX is amazing :)

After my Saturday 2-hour walk, I made it back to my room with only 10 minutes until we were all scheduled to meet for dinner at 5:30, so no time to complete the multimedia stuff that I still have to finish. Drinks & dinner were at Mix, on the top floor of Mandalay Bay's THEhotel, which is a spectacular view. We got the chef's room for dinner, and the food was completely amazing! I had potato gnocchi with black truffle flakes, since I'd never had truffles before & they were in season, but those who have had them before said they had never before seen so many truffles on one dish! It was mighty tasty...but for a starter I should have gone with my instinct for the wild mushroom soup special, since I had two spoonfuls and it was infinitely better than my tasty but coleslaw-like "contemporary Waldorf salad." After dinner we saw Kevin Nealon at House of Blues, and he was quite funny...Mr Subliminal and a version of Weekend Update were highlights. The cover charge for Mix is something crazy like $45 each, but since we had dinner there, we had asked to be put on the list to get back in without paying cover, so we went back there, had a few drinks, then 4 of us girls joined the 2 people on the small dance floor, then finally convinced others in our group to dance, then the dance floor became packed! With double layers of socks, plus the rest from standing during dinner & the show, even after my 2-hour hike in heels my feet were fine for dancing - hooray! It seemed much later than it was, since I was sure it must be close to 2am when it was only 11:30! That's what such an early dinner will do to your inner clock I guess...I convinced some complete strangers to try taking a photo of me on the balcony with the Las Vegas strip lit up behind me, while the rest of our group either gave up or went with our main boss to a country bar. I decided that country wasn't tempting enough to prevent me from finishing all the multimedia that was left to do, especially since I paced myself well enough I didn't even have a buzz left & was still wide awake, so I went back to my room. Just as I got inside, when my roommate was already sleeping, they called me trying to convince me to come to the country bar, but I stayed strong & got another good hour of multimedia work done before I took my shower & got to bed around 4am.


I had been told to be ready by 11am for yet another silly photo task around town, which would get me to Fry's, but I called & no answer. By the time I was heading downstairs anyway I got an invitation for breakfast. The rest of the group had stayed out until 3-4am themselves, so everyone had slept in! We ran our errands after a hearty brunch (mmm bacon!), but the errands took long enough we were a half-hour late for our 3pm meeting to test the game travel times. We had made some changes, but most of the game is still intact at least, then I stayed working on the Monday preso vs. going to Aureole for wine (that's the place where they use climbing rigs to retrieve bottles of wine from the giant wine cellar wall), but I did join everyone for another delicious dinner, this time at Wolfgang Puck's Lupo bistro. (No, he wasn't there himself of course! ;) While I left saying I'd be working all night, they all gambled for awhile, then headed of to some clubs, but my preso partner finally arrived around 10pm, we got through that stuff as much as possible, then I continued working on revising the game & making the final printed docs until 3:30am...but I think it's in a pretty ready spot for printing everything out today! Let's hope so, since I'd like to have some fun tonight vs. working all night again! ;)

Now the question this morning is can I get myself ready, find some food & get up to Caesars to the Sony Style store before I have to be back to meet for the A/V rehearsal at 1pm...I'm going to try!
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